Sunday, February 26, 2006

Teen-age Pride

Most people I know would find it a distinct disadvantage to live 7 to 10 miles from the closest anything. I do not. Why? Because these short or longer drives are the times when my children have always communicated the most with me. Oh, we always have great conversations, but in the car/van, especially at night, I get the most in depth stuff from them. Guess it makes it easier, just the two of us, riding along, not face to face, but sitting side by side, an intimacy that allows them to speak freely. In another blog I have written of this when it came to having one of 'those' talks with my son. The same kind of talk also occurs with my daughter, I love it, I revel in it, I am happy we have these opportunities.

Tonights conversation was not a deep one though, tonights conversation consisted of my daughter telling me of how great she felt about school this past week, the accomplishments she was most proud of. Acing a vocab quiz, the same on a Science test. Having 3 pieces of art work on display in the main hall. But her proudest moment came on Friday.
It seems on the bus ride home Thursday afternoon, she and a friend worked rather hard on creating something. When she arrived to first hour on Friday morning, this creation was already making the rounds. This continued all day, her pride increasing with each hour. By the end of the day, it was all over the school.

My daughters proudest accomplishment of the week........

Knock knock.

Who's there?

I ate grape.

If you say the next line of the joke, you know her accomplishment. The source of her proudest moment last week.

My daughter is 16, do teens revert back to second grade humor at this age?


Phil said...

That's great, I hope your daughter doesn't mind if I use that.

Sunny Delight said...

LOL, she would love it! Her joke becomes national!