Thursday, March 02, 2006

Peanut Butter

I love peanut butter. There are days I crave it. I can scoop out a huge tablespoon and eat it straight off the spoon, especially with a glass of cold milk.

I have a brand preference though, I think Jiff smooth is the absolute best there is.
Peter Pan is too sweet, Skippy isn't bad,but its a little grainy. I prefer Jiff, and you can forget organic or natural, way to oily and lumpy. Now on occasion I do like crunchy. But I am a Jiff gal. I will buy the other two brands over Jiff if they are on sale, but it has to be a decent sale, at least .75 cents off to make it worth my while. But I usually go to Sam's Club and buy the two big jars of Jiff when they have it. For a family with no small children, we still go through tons of peanut butter.

Today though, when I went to the cupboard to make myself a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, my Jiff was gone! Sonny boy had stolen it, I know it, he had been here earlier in the day, the signs were everywhere. One dog outside, dishes in the sink, etc. Why did he take the Jiff? Why buy food when you can shops at Mom's.

Last week hubby did the marketing....thankfully he does it often---he likes it--weird---he is supermarket browser---whole other post--hate supermarkets.....anyway...hubby bought the store brand of peanut butter, ewww! Why didn't son take that nice fresh unopened jar? Because it wasn't Jiff.

So I opened and ate the store brand, double ewww! Oh, I still ate it, because I needed my peanut butter fix today, but I couldn't eat more than 3 bites, and I was done. I guess I am brand girl here. But it also reminded me of a post a friend did a long time ago about whether we refridgerate our jars of peanut butter or not. Guess you are supposed too. That jar of store brand peanut butter reminded me of a jar of rancid peanut butter.
I got to thinking, are the cheap brands made out of the old rejected peanuts? If peanuts are anything like soybeans (those I know about), then there are some that mold in the hopper, some that just don't ripen correctly, those must be the ones that go into the store brands.

Then I started thinking about all of those poor children who have never had anything but the cheap store brand. My god! They have no idea what peanut butter is supposed to taste like. Then I thought, okay, next time I donate to the food pantry, I am going to buy jars and jars of Jiff, for those poor Jiff deprived children. But, my next thought was....nope can't do that...then they would complain next time Mom or Dad bought the store brand. I just can't win, my brain circled the problem, and decided, maybe if a person loves peanut butter, they have their own special kind that they like. Maybe if someone is only used to what I consider 'bad' peanut butter, they wouldn't like Jiff.

Reece's has started selling peanut butter, did you know that? Now you would think that they would have the best peanut butter ever. I mean a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup, is the best candy bar in the world, at least that first bite, those are orgasmic! But, ya know what, I don't like Reece's peanut butter either. It is just not Jiff. So next time I do the marketing, I am going to study the jars of peanut butter, there has to be an ingredient in Jiff that none of the others have.

I cannot believe I just wrote a post about peanut butter. But I know why, I didn't get my Jiff fix today. I sit here trying to plan dinner,and all I can think about is that missing jar of Jiff.


Moonjockey said...

Keep writing about things like Peanut Butter. By combining this kind of attention to minutae with the eroticism of your other blog, I find myself extremely intruigued by you. No worries, I'm normal.

Check out my T13 if you wish at The Moonjockey Lounge I'd participate in HNT, but who wants to see guys' bodies?

Anyway, re: peanute butter, I'm a crunchy man myself. But Jif is clearly the best.

Love ya!

Phil said...

Hi Sunny!

Sunny Delight said...

hi phil :)

jd said...

Jonesin for Jiff, sounds like a song title.
I like mine with just the peanut butter, bread folded over and an ice cold glass of milk.