Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dancing on The Edge of Dawn

“The music drifts in on the edges of the night air, musty, wild, scented with the smell of sage from the desert. It is never loud, and surely I am the only woman in the world who hears it. I hear it and I begin to dance. I dance for five, ten, fifteen then twenty minutes. I dance until it is as dark as it will ever be and the sky is littered with stars, and when finally I stop………I am dancing naked at the edge of dawn.”


Sal said...

That is when it is the proper time to make mad, passionate love; to the rise of the Sun.

Phil said...

You have it in quotes, but you didn't credit the author. I hate when you steal my stuff like that!

Sunny Delight said...

oops i did forget the author, which is ..Kris Radish, glad you could read this, cause my old eyes are having trouble!