Tuesday, May 09, 2006

United 93

My family and I went to see United 93 Sunday, I had no desire to see it, I really didn't know why.

From the very beginning, when I heard it was being made, I did not want to see it. In fact I have watched no fictionalized reenactment of the events surrounding September 11, 2001. For some reason in my mind, movies such as those, somehow seem to cheapen the lives, cheapen what happened to the many that died that day, the many that have died since. Even though they ask for donations to the memorial fund, it somehow does not make up for the feeling that it was a way to take moments of pain, fear, anquish, loss, and use them to make a dollar.

I even entered the theater with trepidition, without reading anything regarding the movie, I knew exactly what to expect. I was not disapointed, it pretty much followed what I had pictured in my mind. What did surprise me is the level of sadness I felt throughout, and the tears that I had a hard time controlling as I left the theater, most of the audience cried at the predictable portions, when the passengers were calling their loved ones to say goodbye, but the film brought out the deeper feeling of.....regret I suppose, that so many died and are still dying....for what?

I know the reasons, really I do, but each time I think of the events of 9/11, I am still reminded of the feelings of disbelief, the feelings that it was happening somewhere else. Then I also remember telling myself, people all over the world live with this on a daily or sometimes hourly basis. If there was a lesson to learn, did we learn anything?


Phil said...

I have no interest in seeing it. I think everyone's daily lives are so often burdened with tragedy and sadness that to unnecessarily subject ourselves to more emotional pain and heartache is ridiculous.

Pamela Hollosnap said...

You are right, things like bombings and random killings for one insane cause or another happen all over the world every single day. It can be overwhelming to hear this news, day in and day out.

I don't know what the overall solution is as far as making the world more harmonious and keeping a lid on completely outrageous groups of murdering psychopaths, much less the individual psycopaths...but most big things, most important social movements have started with a single voice.

That may sound simplistic, but I do believe that if everyone who had a conscience did what they could to even just influence the way their own families behaved towards their fellow man, the world could be a very different place.

One of our tactics is to limit greatly the amount of news programs we allow to come into our home. We stay up on current events, but there is a limit to what one person's psyche can take in a day. Much less children, who should have childhoods without fear always looming in their little hearts.

See you later Sunny ;)