Saturday, July 22, 2006

A list of Words to Write a Story.

The list: ivy, squat, mizzenmast, iguana, rivulet, muzzle, xerography, twosome, foyer, decibel
The rules: use all ten in the order given

Ivy was so pissed off at herself! How could anyone ask her to do such a thing? Life was not fair! They were not playing fair! How the hell was she supposed to squat in the worst heat of the day, not even a shadow from the mizzenmast for 45 more minutes, watching some idiots stupid iguana eating a leaf of lettuce. Not moving a muscle, not even supposed to scratch her nose. This was the biggest most moronic dare she had ever taken, and she had done a few. Was it her fault she was constantly betting people they couldn't do something, and then they proved to her they could? She lost bet after bet, but that didn't stop her.

Ivy's theory was that with her bets, her friends learned that their limits were much farther than they thought. That it was okay to take risks. But damn! She had another rivulet of sweat dripping down the middle of her forehead, she knew it would soon join the others in her right eye, stinging, burning.

Fuck! When was she going to learn to muzzle her mouth? She was so fucking bored watching that damn iguana do absolutely nothing, she felt like she was studying the art of xerography. Now wouldn't her photographer father love that!

Her muscles aching, she knew her thighs would begin to cramp soon. Her arms weren't too bad yet, she was allowed to let them hang at her sides, but her calves were already a twosome of rigid burning muscle.

To get her mind off the pain, she tried to imagine her trip to the coast next week. The house there was awesome, awe inspiring really. In the foyer, the original owners had placed a huge stained glass chandelier, when the sun shown through the second floor landing, a rainbow of colors would flow across the white marble floors. Those floors felt so good on hot bare feet, especially after spending hours walking along the shore.

God damn iguana, its eyes were closed, it was sleeping. What lesson was she supposed to learn from this....oh yes, patience, and the awareness of how something that moved so slowly could still accomplish so much in a mere one hour. But what the hell can an iguana accomplish? Two bites of lettuce, and it takes a shit then sleeps. Maybe if she was really lucky it would go into a molt or whatever you call it with lizards, then she could watch it scratch itself on the mizzenmast. While she groaned out her level of pain and boredom in ever increasing decibels.

But Ivy would not give up, from the feel of the sun she could tell she had reached the halfway point......she may continuouly lose her bets. But she never gave up on dares. With a grimace of pain, she yelled out, "Mikey, you are sooo going to pay for this!" But, she knew that she would succeed. She always did. She may ache for days afterward, and be burned to reddened crisp. But she never ever gave up.

Now this was kind of fun, eased a night of total and complete boredom. Hmm I may try another version of this.

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