Saturday, August 26, 2006

Good Intentions

All my dreams,
They gone stale,
And I wasted pennys,
In the wishing well.

I walked this road,
Many time before,
But I never learned my lesson,
And came back for more.

All the wine has lost its taste,
And the mirror no longer sees my face,
Seems I was at one time leading the race,
But somehow I got behind and lost my pace.

There is a stranger in my bed,
And Im the only one in it,
I once had a puzzle,
But forgot how the pieces fit.

I took a bath,
But there was no water,
I once was a lamb,
But was taken to slaughter.

I use to dream at night,
When I was warm and tucked in tight,
But somehow I was woke by the light,
Now its hard to regain my minds sight.

I held a lover by the hand,
Then somehow they let go,
Was it the beginning,
Or the end of the show.

I smoked a cigarette,
Then laid down my head,
I once hungered for truth,
But lies was all I was fed.

I had an acheing in my soul,
I had a hole in my chest,
I was promised the world,
But it turned out to be a test.

The poet she cries in the street,
And the beatnik lost his beat,
I went to walk down the road,
But found I had no feet.

I found a penny,
And wished for luck,
But somewhere between this earth and heaven,
I found that it got stuck.

I went to write you a song,
But somehow the words came out all wrong,
I went to play it for you,
But seems I played to long.

I went to write you a poem,
All the pretty words I said,
But somehow the paper was blank,
As into the despair I sank.

I went to write your name in the sky,
But the sun blocked out the words,
And in turn blinded my eyes.

I went you write you a letter,
To somehow make myself feel better,
But the pen ran out of ink,
And I couldnt find a feather.

I had all these intentions,
Racing in my head,
But the road to hell is paved in them,
Or so I heard it said.

Know that I have you in my heart,
And you were there from the start,
But when tears fall like rain coming down from the sky,
The paper gets wet and tends to fall apart.

I had a dream,
And you where there,
But the dream was broken,
By the cold morning air.

And the sun,
It hit me like a stone,
And so did reality,
When I awoke and was alone.

Good Intentions
terri--Poets Corner

So many times I have told myself I intend to this, I will do that, I won't ever do that again, my intentions are good, but often times those intentions never come to fruition.... instead I feel like I am living on that paved road to hell.

Spending life getting from one moment to the next, one breath at at time.....taking a breath, expelling it, then taking another.

What happened to racing ahead into life laughing, gulping in air as my body needed it? Living without guile, without self-blame.

Now life is living without the safety net of unconditional love, and innocence lost.

Oh I know all the the good things, the great things of being alive, of acquiring knowledge as time passes, the wisdom gained, the insight, the ability to develop foresight....but somedays...somedays I just don't care......

Somedays...I just want to run into the wind laughing, roll down that hill, jump in that mud puddle, I just want to forget that someone is going to remind me of what I intended to do yesterday, or today, or tomorrow. I just want one day of not beating myself up over my good intentions.


Phil said...

Of all the words of tongue or pen
the saddest are what might have been.---William Shakespeare

Carpe diem- Seize the day, there may not be another.

Sunny Delight said...

phil--I try so many times,then the next day or the next...I hear the words, "there is more to life than just having fun." or "but I thought you said you were going to..."

And unfortunately I listen.