Sunday, August 27, 2006

SunBits Sunday

A Quote: I read this in an article, something about it struck my whimsical side.....

"Get back in the sandbox of life, and start playing around with new concepts and ideas."

The sandbox of life....I do like that long as there haven't been any cats playing in it too!

Plane Crash: The crash this morning in Kentucky was a terrible occurence, one that had me thinking about all the lives it has affected, there were 50 people on that plane, adding up to thousands of lives affected by the death of their loved one/family member/friend/co-worker.

The thing that once again became glaringly obvious to me though....was the complete and total lack of intelligent questions the journalists were asking....I felt as if they were filling up airtime...their excitement was palpable, instead of basic humanity, I saw a weekend anchor with big news happening now!

So I told myself, you are being too cynical, perhaps just having someone constantly talking about nothing, listening to the not-witnesses, hearing the totally inane fact that the ...god what do you call the road the planes roll out on? I hate my memory sometimes.... anyway that those had been repaved last weekend "Not that that has anything to do with today's plane crash." Maybe all of that is what the grieving need, maybe if I were in their shoes, maybe I would need anything being said, rather than nothing, anything to keep my anxiety levels checked. But maybe not, maybe I would be so impatient for information from the airline that the television would be this familiar drone in the background, not something I was actually listening too.
News Anchors=Drones, yep that was my feeling today.

Excited--an art exhibit is coming to town, and I can't wait to visit. It is called Alive Inside, The Lure and Love of the Sideshow.
It's not really the new artwork I want to see, but the historical artifacts, that seem to be works of art is luring me. Which is kind of strange, because my memories of sideshows from childhood, are that they always frightened me very much.
This is one of the banners painted by David Boatwright.

In addition to the website above, if you ever felt the need to learn sword swallowing terms, go here.


Fiona said...

I like the sandbox of life analogy too!

That would be a runway hon :)

I know...catch myself sometimes being callow at the way I flick through the newspaper in the morning, turning over pages of death, destruction and destitution while I sip my latte.

I say to myself...ANOTHER plane crash, ANOTHER train wreck, ANOTHER mining disaster, ANOTHER ANOTHER ANOTHER...we get jaded by it all...immune to feelings.

On a lighter note - THAT is a skill that could be nicely adapted ;)

Sunny Delight said...

fi--thanks for the word *L*
lol @ swordswallowing..hmmm may have to study that a bit more now!

LePhare said...

Someone feels about the Press the same way as I do. If they would only report what's happened and not try to speculate or improve on it, especially on a 'slow' news day.

I see the plane was on the wrong runway. I wonder who will get the blame for that one. Not a lot of comfort for those caught up in the situation.

Sunny Delight said...

lephare--since there was only one air traffic controller on duty, probably that poor person will get the brunt of it.

LePhare said...

I hear he was looking the other way!