Sunday, October 01, 2006

Feeling My Age

There are days when I sooo feel my is 1 am, or a bit after. My left knee feels like I spent the day playing soccer, or feet....god my feet....after standing, on them nonstop for 17 hours straight they feel as if they are twice their normal size....I looked...they aren't....but oh do they feel like it.....I think back to this similar weekend one year ago, and at this time of the night I was still going, no thought of stopping, but by 11:00 tonight, all I could think of was a warm bath and bed. By midnight I was is time to please....time to stop, clean everything up, and be ready to start early in the morning.

In a lodge about 60 feet long, and 40 feet deep, I must have walked miles, back and forth from the kitchen area to the main room....accomplished what I intended to today though, so that is something, but to do it all again tomorrow.....I am nuts...totally nuts.....gotta say though the people that helped...they put in almost as much time as I did, and were wonderful....

Was a strange day...had two stereo systems going...most of the adults were in the kitchen every time I walked through that door either gospel rock or country music was playing....back into the main room, and it was such an eclectic mix of music...Cake, Modest Mouse, Enya, Pussycat Dolls, Shakira, Justin Timberlake, Steve Miller band--even the sound track for Lord of the Rings......okay seeing something here that seems kind of strange to me....I know who the artists were on the cd player in the main room, but in the kitchen...I didn't know any of them....but that is also the music that kept me moving....kept the energy level up...and to watch the girls dancing as they were working....just more fun...than the kitchen area.

One more day, I get through tomorrow, and then the next weekend...and it is all over with for at least another more day.

And this is the project...I FOUGHT TO DO!.... what was I thinking?


plano said...

You fought for this, OMG. Well, if anything that's a god-given right to complain about it.

Phil said...

Why is it that our bodies age, but our brains never do? I wish my body felt as young as my brain does.

Manny said...

It's not fair. We should get better bodies as we age. That should be our reward for learning through all our mistakes. LMAO.

You won your fight because you were the best person for the project. I wish I could have been there.

In my twenties I wore the 3 inch stelletos. My thirties I mostly wore 2 inch heels. Now I'm early 40's and keep my tennis shoes on untill the very last second.

Good job! I just know you rocked!

Sunny Delight said...

plano--oh was my body complaining! It is complaining even more tonight...but we did it! done done done...hooray!

phil--so true...I would have the body of an 18 year old if that were so.

manny--lol I totally agree..

Oh Manny, I woulda worked your bum off! But I wish you were there too.

The heels...god I can't believe it, but I still wear them at least once a week, the rest of the time it is flats, can't wear sneakers to work, but there are so many days I wish I could.

And thank you....WE rocked...and we accomplished what we intended!

Fiona said...

Forgive me for being so late, I'm still catching up!!!

Way to go fought for it, you achieved your goals, you should be showered with accolades!!!

I hear you about the feet and knee...I'm a seat-sitter at work...I could do most everything sitting here all day and I have to sometimes force myself to walk the two floors of offices and make myself seen.

So the past 2 weeks I was on my gaffas for way too long and my knee is still screaming at me (long long ago injury that will always bother me).

My feet are still a bit puffy from all the flying (they go up like balloons when I'm airborne).

I still wear heels to work (and tights year-round, not pleasant in the 38C heat plus 89% humidity) - aaaah the joys of the corporate world! I'm a 3-inch gal but not strappy shoes...nice solid black pumps with lovely heels.

Age - egads age....48 next month. I swear I don't know WHERE the last 10 years have gone, all I know is that they have disappeared way too fast. And you're right Phil, I'm still a girl at heart ;)