Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I feel as if my brain has been zapped and no coherent thought is possible...I did not realize how exhausting trying to do 2 jobs would be.....actually 3. Because at the new agency I am simultaneously being trained for 2 different positions....god it is a constant fluctuation between one subject...then the next...plus still being trained on all the agency technology and software....then on breaks from that I was spending time working doing my old job...and then tonight going back in and doing more....and I feel split 3 diffferent directions....that doesn't count home....I had a meeting at 5:15 so had to rush out of new agency to old agency...forgot to call home to tell them I would be very late...and at 9:00 I receive a rather disgruntled call from home....."You could have told us....we were so worried!" And they were right....I should have....but maybe just maybe it will teach Miss Daughter why I want to know when her plans change....why I want to know where she is and when she will be home. Hope is there anyway...plus I missed number one and only son...he was home tonight at a decent hour...and I missed him at a time when I would have time to enjoy him. But from the rundown of their evening I received from Miss Daughter they had a wonderful time hanging out together...so that is good.

So far so good, I am happy with the change I have made....even with all the information overload...had to handle a phone call today in the midst of training session that the oncall person was too busy with other clients to handle...that is the bad part of training constant interruptions by clients.....anyway it was a phone call that covered stuff that I had learned, or that I just knew..or that I could bs my way through because it is just schmoozy stuff....and my boss came in for the latter part of it.....and I think my schmooze impressed her a bit....and that felt very good.....it is so nice to go to work and want to be there....to enjoy the people I am meeting, getting to know, to have the same goal no matter what program we work in...so very nice.

Now if I can just retain somewhere in my fuzzy brain all of the stuff I am learning....and will be learning...two out of town trainings coming up soon...one next week for the day....and then in December an overnight for a 2 day training/conference....still wondering how the family will handle that one...been a very long time since I have been away from them, but I am looking forward to it....yes yes I am.


Fiona said...

I see you opening up like a flower....those petals spreading, absorbing, showing their beauty to the world.

And sometimes it takes a little absence, for those who rely on you, to appreciate you as you should be appreciated.

Sunny rules!!!

Sunny Delight said...

Oohh I think I like being that flower...much better than the bud that for a time seemed to withering on the vine.