Monday, January 22, 2007

Moondust Magic

Ever have one of those days when the world felt right? Moondust, hold out a magnet and it all soon disappears, clinging to the magnet. Today was a moondust day. It all came together, everything I did was right, no self-doubt, no self-questioning....did I advise someone wrong.....did I steer them in the right direction.....was there more I could have done to help? It was just normal day, but better.

It was a typical Monday, the usual conglomeration of stuff happened...... as expected......but in addition things just seemed to be smoother, easier.....

The very atmosphere today was like was one of those winter days in which the air is wet with snow? fog? mist? whatever it was that we had today......but there was a softness to the air, it was easy to breathe, the perfect temperature to hold that perfect blend of moisture, cold, warmth...I know that doesn't make sense, but it felt that way. There was no sunshine, but it wasn't dark and unpleasant either. Very difficult to describe this type of weather, as it is so very typical of those 'feel of impending snow' days we often have.

When I was out today, I just wanted to take off on foot, and hike for hours, to feel my cheeks flushed with exertion and cold. To deeply breathe in that feeling of cleaness.....nothing like it at all....but engendering the same feeling that I get when I take those old age-softened cotton sheets off the clothesline in the summer. Even though instead I had to return to work, that half an hour out was refreshing.

A good day.

It constantly amazes me how a few simple words can lift our spirits. Someone showing their appreciation for the way you do things.

Upon my return home this evening, I found a small card in the mail, from a former employee thanking me for a gift I had given her at Christmas.....yes I know a bit late....but I also know her well, and since her oldest daughter chose to attend university 600 miles from home and only visits during school breaks this was probably the first chance she took for herself to do all those little thank you notes.

Anyway......her note to me was heartwarming, gracious, and in her expressions of how she used her has become exactly what I intended....a reminder to those I used to work with that someone cares about them, it was just a very small item to be placed on the visor of their cars, but every time they look at it, no matter how they are feeling, they will be reminded that someone, in fact many someones wish them well.

It also amused me, no one in my "offline" life knows me as Sunny, but she mentioned along with some other very nice things....she misses my sunny disposition....(ha! you can definitely tell she hasn't read my blogs!)

Tomorrow is another day, will it be another Moondust Day? It doesn't really matter, because I had one today.


Jonas said...

Given that it's a moondust night, let me just say I appreciate the way you write...strike that...make that "think and feel."

Fiona said...

I love those 'moondust days'...I know exactly what you though the world is spinning at just the right speed and tilt to make us ever so comfortable inside and outside.

I'm glad you had a wonderful day honey and.....hell YES I can believe she misses you!!!


Sunny Delight said...

jonas--thank you...a moondust night..and sadly I was sitting at my monitor typing.

fi--ah bodacious one...they are the best aren't they? You describe it so well. and BBGR!!!! HUGS *VBS*

LePhare said...

Some times it needs very little to lift ones day into something special. Just a word or action in the right place can make all the difference. Many more of them.....please.