Monday, January 28, 2008

The Lighter Side of Life

Remember Sunny Words?

I've gotta a new game.

Say the words out loud, say them again, it isn't what you read, it's what you hear.


Weed Owns Tan Ditch Ants (what you read out loud)

We Don't Stand A Chance. (what you hear)

This Weeks Wacky Words

1. Soon Knees Hide Hup.

2. Dew June Hoe Mine Aim.

3. Yule Height Dub Mile I've.

4. Wreck You Lure Hoard He Calf.

What did you hear?

* * * * * * *

A Few Rambling Thoughts

I used the words "small things do make a difference" last week in brief post...the funny thing is...they really do.

I have been allowing myself to dive deep into melancholy of late. Not really enjoying my 'now' moments. (as if ya couldn't tell)

For what ever reason that changed this weekend. Not on Saturday, I was still sorta depressed then, I let the "icky" feelings have one final lie in...letting total blahness have its way with me.

But, by Sunday, I dunno, I popped out of it like a jack-in-the-box...I awoke so damn ready to ravish and be ravished...I couldn't get the sexy thoughts out of my head, it seemed every moment of the day was filled with them. Through out the day I was overwhelmed with such strong urges...the images that flashed through my mind were so very sinfully delightful!

The thoughts were just buzzing through me...and I was filled with so many wild desires. ~grin~.

A small thing (or itch)...sexual energy...but one that sorta set a whole new 'vibe' going inside me. ~impish grin~

Can't say I accomplished much, (umm...I suppose it depends on one's definition of accomplishments), but I did have an energizing day!

It became so distracting, I decided I needed to find something else to occupy my I visited one of my favorite haunts, Barnes and Noble... where I spent time perusing a few books, eventually picking up Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History, by Laurel Thatcher Urich (interesting), and, Bill Clinton's autobiography, My Life, (a recommendation by a very clever man),'tis indeed a very interesting read, and when my budget allows, a book I will be buying...but I was soon distracted from that as well.

Our Barnes and Noble has a Star Buck's cafe inside it, I was sitting just below it, reading in a very comfy arm chair, when I began picking up snippets of a conversation.

Him: I like nature and pets, what about you?
Her: I have a dog, she is so much fun to have around, a Great Dane...

(more in this vein for quite some time, both exchanging child hood pet stories)

The conversation slowed a bit, they moved on to the weather...I thought..."Ah oh...they are dead in the water already." But I thought too soon.

Their mutual exploration moved on to their living arrangements.

She spoke of buying her first home, how exciting it had been, spoke of all of her 'firsts' as a homeowner.

He spoke of his bedroom, with a rather long and detailed description of it...blah blah blah...

My mind being where it had been all day...I kept hoping for juicy tidbits to fall from their lips...maybe some descriptions of what they look for sexually in a mate...but, nah...too early in the game...and then thinking...(probably a never gonna happen...)

Because I was sure this blossoming friendship was probably over when he said...

"When my dad dropped me off here, I was afraid you wouldn't show up, and I would be stuck here for hours." (A final, ah oh!, as I thought to myself...he doesn't drive? he doesn't have a car? is he a student? Nah, they would meet on, or, near campus if so, wonder why his Dad dropped him off...curious...)

I was itching to get a look at this "blind date" couple...

I got up and wandered the book racks until my view was unobscured...

Two young twenty-somethings...neither very attractive (yeah, I know shallow of me)...nor dressed particularly fetching...both wearing T-shirts and jeans. I couldn't see the slogans on the T-shirts, but I did wonder...did they spend time thinking over the statement the T-shirt slogan said about them? Or, was it the only clean thing they owned?...

I always have thoughts like that when I see people wearing sloganized they have any idea the impression the slogan imparts? Especially the really goofy ones. Would it have mattered if hers had said, "Queen Be-atch" or "Check out the junk in my trunk"?
Or if his had said, "A penny for your thoughts, a dollar if you flash me", or "Check out my iBone"?

I wanted to interview them, (of course being a fantasy interview I wanted totally honest unedited answers).

How did you two meet, an online dating service, or through mutual friends? How many emails, im's, or phone calls did you exchange before you decided to meet? What was it about the other that made you determine it was worth setting up a meeting? What thoughts were running through your minds before the meeting?

I wanted to take them each aside, and ask each of them their impressions of the other so far. What thoughts went through each of their minds when they first caught sight of the other? Had they exchanged photos before hand? I wanted to know if her thought lines followed along with my own. I wanted to know if she thought his beard was sexy? I wanted to know if he thought her four tummy rolls were attractive, or if maybe she should have worn a shirt that was not quite so tight? (yeah, yeah I know, even more shallow of me...but woulda thought the same!).

A small part of me wanted to linger until the end of their meeting, to observe their reactions, their faces as they parted ways, but my interest began to wane when I could no longer hear the conversation.

My final sight of them was of them laughing together, I decided this was a good sign...yes?

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