Tuesday, February 20, 2007


PATIENCE......Ayanla Vanzant

"Most of us have very little trouble identifying what it is that we want in life. The difficulty we experience is in waiting for what we want to manifest itself as a tangible condition. Waiting takes patience, and it is a virtue most of us do not posses. Patience requires faith. Faith demands trust. In order to trust, you must know the truth. The truth is usually relative to our experiences. When you explore and understand the elements required to actually demonstrate patience, it is probably safe to say that a large majority of us are in a great deal of trouble when it comes to having patience. Without patience, we worry, we complain, and sometimes we give up hope. We do not understand that a delay is not a denial, and that if we faithfully trust the truth, we would find it a lot less difficult to employ patience."

"The greatest challenge to the development of patience is being able to wait for the tangible evidence that your efforts are paying off. We have a fixed idea of what we want and what it will look like when it shows up. We hold that idea so firmly that often we are unable to detect that the very thing we want has actually arrived. If it does not look the way we thought it would, or if it does not feel the way we imagined it would, we are unable to detect its presence. Discernment is an important part of patience. We must be able to see through the appearances, and be able to recognize the manifestation of our desires. This requires inner knowing, that knowing is called patience."

"Patience is the ability to discern the unfolding of a goal in the midst of a windstorm. It is knowing that your efforts are paying off even when there is no tangible evidence to support that belief. Patience is being able to retreat to your core when you are being challenged and pull up everything in your arsenal of truth that will glorify the presence of the divine in your being. Patience is knowing that you have done your best,and that what will be on the test is what you already know."

"You don't have to get an A on life's test; you only have to pass."

Patience is one virtue I find myself sadly lacking in, I try, oh how I try. If it is truly being able to discern the truth from faith, trust, and hope.......then I am currently sadly lacking in those areas too.

"faithfully trust the truth"

If I can do that, will I have hope in the brighter future/dreams I seek?

I am not complaining, really! It doesn't feel like denial, it feels exactly how Ayanla describes it.....a loss of hope.

Huge, huge..............SIGH.


Fiona said...

Great post!

Patience for me has always been difficult. I think because I've tended to be an outcome-focussed person rather than a process-focussed person.

I want to know things are worth being patient for, worth waiting for. I'm afraid of investing time and energy and being left with nothing. I supposed mostly because this has happened to me too many times.

We do not understand that a delay is not a denial...these are words I need to understand better than I have ever before.

Thank you for this post Sunny. I needed to read these words right now.

Great big BBGR hugs!!!!

Sunny Delight said...

Fi, it is easy to feel as if we are denying ourselves....denying myself hope....if I ever do truly develop patience.....it will be cause for much celebration!