Saturday, March 24, 2007

She's In Love

A rapid phone conversation (monologue) with my 17 Year Old after 14 hours in Paris.

"I love Paris! I want to live in a big city! It's so great! You can't get lost here, there's always some amazing landmark on each corner, you remember where you've been. I love this place!
We went to the Louvre today, the Mona Lisa is so small! You have this idea that it is this huge painting, but it is so small! I saw the Venus de Milo, the Winged Victory, so much!"

"Oh and mom, the smoking thing didn't work....... I bummed 2 cigarettes, and then A saw me, she smokes too, we bought some, Teacher saw us, she said no smoking! At least not where I can see you! I hate the coffee here though.......Gawd! It is sooooooooo strong, and I thought we made it strong!"

"And, by the way, bad news mom, I have no camera--- airport, bag, no camera. I took it out at the second Paris airport they shuttled us to, because it was so cool, made of all these tubes. When I got to the hotel, no camera. But people are being really nice, if I say I want a picture of something, they say, "Yeah, I want one of that too," and are taking them for me, they all tell me they will send me pictures. I am saving the disposable for the Eifle Tower tomorrow. We have all day in Paris again, and then take the train to Rome." "I gotta go Mom, I love you, tell Dad I love him, I love Paris!"

*Doing the happy -mother dance*
She called, she is happy, what more could a parent ask for?


Jac said...

A call tomorrow? J/K glad she's having a great time. Too bad about the camera. They grow up incredibly on trips like these!

Sunny Delight said...

jac, she may, in the time she has been gone, we have exchanged two voice mails, and the phone call, I am just glad I was available to take it.

She is in heaven, I hope every day continues in that vein, then I one of my dreams for her will hopefully get fulfilled, in that she will continue to travel the rest of her life!

LePhare said...

I remember Paris. My first visit was when I was fourteen and your daughter's excitement brought it all back to me. So much to do, to see, and no time to take a breath. And she phoned home! Perfect.