Wednesday, May 02, 2007


There are some things in life, that seem to require ever constant promptings.

I received several such reminders tonight, and, perhaps, one of the most important of all, from a very dear friend, who has lived the words she spoke to me.

I have been putting off calling her for months, in fact, until a few hours ago, I had not realized, how many months had passed. So long, that we finally gave up on trying to recall how long it had been.

She and I are much alike, in how we deal with our emotions. When life feels messy, when we feel unsure, when we are hurting. We hide, we hole up in our little caves, behind the walls we build around ourselves to hide our vulnerability.

Tonight, I decided, that with all the changes in my life, it was important she learn them from me, not one of our small town gossips, but, from me.

She put such a smile in my heart. She gave me peace.

She has been hurting, grieving for over a year now. Dealing with the loss of her husband. I have been hurting, grieving the loss of my marriage. We were both hiding. Though, it seems, we were, both thinking about the other.

In our conversation, we shared so many small, but in their own way, very important things.

We spoke of the past, we spoke of finding ourselves, we spoke of dreams.

While I was speaking with her, I remembered why she is my friend, she remembered why I am her friend. We can be out of contact for months and months, and, yet, easily slip right back, as if no time at all has passed. She also reminded me of who I used to be, the best parts of me.

We give each other gifts. The best gifts of all. Gifts we all need in our lives.

Listening, Understanding, Support, Praise,
Strength, Love, Honesty, Trust, Peace.

Far more important, than even those gifts, she reminded me...................

We have to dream, we have do, and, if we feel something, we have to say it.

After all, we may not have tomorrow.


Fiona said...

Sunny, you both need each other right now. You are a blessing to each other. Isn't friendship like that wonderful where, no matter how long has passed, it's like you spoke yesterday.

Thank you, Sunny's friend, for she needs you right now.

deb said...

I have a friend like that as well. Friends like that are one of the best things in live I think. Hang in there, be kind to yourself, let some people in behind your walls, save yourself.

Jonas said...

True friends are indispensable, our lifeline. They must be cherished. I'm so glad you have friends helping you on your way.

LePhare said...

Another beautiful and thought provoking post Sunny. You are lucky to have such a friend. I don't think I could put a name to one.

Fiona said...

Well, Ian, you'll always have us lasses around you ;)

LePhare said...

But you lead me into trouble! lol.

Sunny Delight said...

Friends are a blessing, you are one I am most thankful offer so much support and love....

I am trying, it feels so much easier to keep adding stones to my wall, in an attempt to deaden some of the emotions.

There are many I cherish and love, many who are true gifts in my life.

I hope you are wrong, perhaps you have just not had the time to rekindle old friendships, but as our delightful Ms. Fi said, you've always got us........

I am wondering......just exactly how she has gotten you into trouble?...Details please! (smiling)

Fiona said...

*L* I'm waiting for the details too...and don't you try mentioning the cling wrap again...that was ENTIRELY voluntary on your part...kinda ;)