Friday, July 20, 2007

Simple Pleasure

A bottle of wine, a few slices of everything-on- it-pizza, a good movie on my teeny little DVD player.

Sunny Delight is quite content this night.

Thank you so very much Ms. Fi, for the movies...I am very much looking forward to more quiet evenings with me, myself, and I. *VBS*


LePhare said...

A perfectly balanced meal. Pizza in one hand, glass in the other, but what is the movie?

Sunny Delight said...


The movie last night was...The Five People You Meet in Heaven...

Today, Sunny was not content...too much wine, left my head gripped in a band of steel, we do pay for our pleasure it seems.

Fiona said...

You are more than welcome Sunny :)

Sorry to hear about the effects of the wine. I think you must be practising my dad's philosophy on wine - the cork must NEVER be replaced, once removed ;)

Hope the headache has subsided hon.

Big gentle hugs

Fiona said...

Yesterday as I was dusting out my collection, I even found some I haven't watched yet - so I'm having a wee gander at those and if anything is good enough, I'll send it along. Plus I just watched 'Lilies', a BBC series and it was excellent! That will be coming your way with the hope whichever region it is for, works for you too. Oh and have you seen Rescue Me, the series with Dennis Leary (1, 2 and 3?)