Thursday, August 02, 2007

Talking to Me

Yesterday...I told myself...

"One day, you will find yourself."

"One day, you will open yourself up and allow yourself to just be you."

"One day, you will be ready for the many adventures living, just living each day, each moment has to offer."

Today...I tell myself...

"Each and every day, you will remind yourself, you will no longer allow your fears to rule you."

"To breathe, one slow inhale, one slow exhale, take the time to breathe in life."

"It is past time, well past time, to freely laugh, twirl, whirl, dance, sing (OK, not sing...bad...very bad at that), giggle, and play, because...what will be, will be...enjoy it. "


X. Dell said...

Fear's a crippler, ain't it?

Sunny Delight said... dear man, it most certainly is...and I am so very tired of being filled with fear!

Jonas said...

You are right, My Delight! It is time, well past time, to dance!

Ciera said...

amen! That pic is so right!

Lephare said...

Singing badly is good..... providing it's done quietly.