Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Started Out Ready for a Rant

I spent my day in an emergency room with one of my clients and her family.

I returned to today, mentally exhausted and full of anger.

I have rewritten this particular entry several times, and upon rereading/editing, ended up deleting all.

It all reads to me as BLAH BLAH BLAH.

My mind is full of questions tonight, with no answers forthcoming.

We each draw lines, regarding many different aspects of life, it is a verity of life, we do it. Times in which we say, " I draw the line, that I will not allow!"

How many times throughout our lives, do we redraw the lines?

Why do so many in our world seem to think they can use their specialized knowledge and expertise in such a way that it becomes arrogantly abusive?

Why do I not speak my mind when it is the most opportune of time to do so!?!?

As I wrote above...BLAH BLAH BLAH!


Fiona said...

Wrapping you up in a big hug...don't fight me woman, I know you need one :)

Aaaaah those lines. I've drawn and redrawn a few in my life. I've had to sometimes temper my idealism and suck it up because to do otherwise would mean employment elsewhere and for now that's not what I want.

I've also sometimes redrawn a line to a place I thought I never would, but I did. And then drew it back where it should be, a little while later.

I think that's just what we have to do in life. We do what we do, when we need to honey. We can always redraw those lines.

Ok releasing you from the hug and smiling at you.

LePhare said...

Have a stand up cuddle from me. I think we could both do with one.

Sunny Delight said...

Thank you for the hug...yes I needed many.

I think my self-righteous anger of yesterday, and my pondering it.
Got me to the point in which I could truly be an advocate for my client which is what has been needed.

A standup hug returned tenfold!