Monday, September 10, 2007

Playful Sunbits

Time to Strain the Brain (it's really easy!)

Six people are standing: Oliver and Olivia (the "Olives"), Alexander and Alexandra (the "Alexes"), and Christian and Christine (the "Chrises"). Read the clues below and put the six people in order from tallest to shortest.

* One "Chris" is the shortest of the group, while the other "Chris" is the second tallest.
* Both "Alexes" are taller than both "Olives."
* Alexandra is shorter than Christian and Alexander.
* Olivia is taller than Christine and Oliver.

* * * * * * *

3D Sidewalk Art by Julian Beever

(I would love to see his stuff in person)

* * * * * * *

Sunny Word Association: I write and you think...
  • Ahchoo!::
  • Blither::
  • Calliope::
  • Disaster::
  • Endure::
  • Faulkner::
  • Graceful::
  • Hamster::
  • Indicted::
  • Jeeves::


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Since one Chris is the shortest, then that one has to be Christine, since Christian is taller than Alexandra. That also makes Christian the second-tallest. Since both Alexes are taller than both Olivers, and Christine is the shortest, then their height as to be among the top three. Since Alexander is taller than Alexandra, he must also be taller than Christian, who is the second tallest. Since Olivia is taller than Oliver, we don't need to know that he is also taller than Christine (for she is the shortest).

So the order (from tallest to shortest): Alexander, Christian, Alexandra, Olivia, Oliver, and Christine.

(2)"Sunny Word Association: I write and you think..."

Ahchoo!: Gesundheit!

:Blither: Blather.

:Calliope: Crashed to the ground (I think I used that one already--can I help it if I'm blinded by the light?).

:Disaster: Waiting to happen.

:Endure: I haven't got anything better to do.

:Faulkner: Southerner.

SoCal Sal said...

Ahchoo!:: Was it good for you
Blither:: Blogger
Calliope:: Marsyas
Disaster:: My desk
Endure:: Still here
Faulkner:: Novelist
Graceful:: Guess
Hamster:: Biker Club
Indicted:: Guilty
Jeeves:: At your service dear!

Sunny Delight said...

Anon...why do I have the feeling that I know who you are? ;) didn't finish the word association game :)

You are correct in regard to the brain teaser.

SoCal. Hamster=biker's club?...I have to know more!

SoCal Sal said...

A Motorcycle club started buy a few of the high end custom chopper builders. Kind of an exclusive “yuppie” MC.