Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter's Gift

Snow is falling on my world, creating a hushed quiet beauty...a winter lullaby.

Venturing out earlier today, a curious warmth seeped into my soul, even as I felt the frigid cold of winter's breath on my ungloved hands.

Snow falls silently...creating a peaceful otherworldly air to surround and cushion life's daily cacophony.

Even with the city filled with harried shoppers, there was a soft languid halo of calm emanating outward from me to them as I traveled through the crowded streets and shops. Each shop brought a new encounter, smiles and small talk were exchanged, a harmony of good will was shared. My heart still has a soft smile embossed upon it.

As I left the snow shrouded city, to begin my journey homeward, I held onto the tranquility mother nature had given me this day.

Once I was off the main highway, the stark skeletal outlines of trees lined the way, each tree limb appearing in the beams of my lights as if a fairy had spread them with powdered sugar frosting. The boughs of the pines gracefully arching ever downward to kiss the whitened earth.

Wending my way home with slow caution, spellbound by the elegant swirling stars of alabaster being poured from the heavens. I drove with the window partially down, the only sound the crisp crunch of the tires as the tread sought the road below the powder.

There is treacherous artistry in the mute white covered void of winding roads I travel. The snow often lies undisturbed until I pass through. No delineation between the road and the swards of grass on the edge. Only the beam of my headlights and memory to the light the way.

As I followed the curving road toward home, I reveled in the serene solitude of this newly muted world I inhabit. Taking the final turn I saw the warm amber glow of light shining out from a hilltop home. Reminding me I was not alone in the ghostly night. My mind paused to reflect on this realization, and the romantic notions of warmth and safety embodied in that first glimpse of golden light emanating outward. Momentarily, I was fixated upon the thought...nothing is as it appears. There is sadness, heartache, sickness, and strife hidden behind the walls of my neighbor's homes. My spirit was unruffled by those thoughts though. Our lives are filled with lots of stuff... we experience many emotions, those are just a small sampling. For each moment of unhappiness in these lives we lead there are also moments filled with joy, love, peace and contentment. Even if those moments last only as long as the melting snowflakes glittering in my hair.


S'mee said...

Sent a shiver down my spine just reading. Keep warm and keep safe Sunny.

Sunny Delight said...

So far so feels good to come into the warmth of my home, but I do love the beauty the snow has brought.

Maddy said...

There have been so many postings about snow the last couple of weeks I had forgotten the muted sober silence.
BEst wishes