Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Good Fortune in The New Year

If one is superstitious and wants to bring all that is positive into the New Year, you should have accomplished or accomplish, the following sometime yesterday, last night, and today.

December 31st or before: Have paid all of your bills that were due, taken out the trash and recyclables, because you mustn't do it on New Years Day, make sure all the wallets (purses for you Brits) in the house were filled with cash, have new clothes ready to wear on January 1, and stocked up the kitchen cupboards. Before the clock struck midnight all of the doors to the house should have been open, a tall dark-haired man bearing gifts should have been ready to knock at the door right after the stroke of midnight (do not let in a unibrowed blond/red-headed woman with crossed eyes and flat feet!).

The Magic Hour: At the stroke of midnight, a loved one should have been nearby and kissed. As the minute hand began its forward movement you should have made as much noise as possible. No one should have left the house until the tall dark-haired man knocking at the door was let into the home, whom was greeted effusively, guided throughout the house, and let out another door. Lastly you should have followed him outside to check the wind direction.

New Years Day: One should do the following, have an abundance of prepared food, which should not include any type of poultry, in fact 'tis best if you eat pork, lentils, black eyed peas, cabbage or collard greens (wondering does spinach count?),do a little bit of your work --but not too much--. Wear new clothes. Also one must avoid crying or breaking anything throughout the day.

Wanta know why you should do all of those things?

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S'mee said...

Never do washing on New Years Day. You'll wash one of the family away! One of my mother's sayings. Don't know if it's true, but I never take the chance.

Happy 2008 Sunny.

SoCal Sal said...

I hope you are well and have a wonderful 08!

X. Dell said...

Ah, another Snopester.

Happy New Year to you. I'll try to remember this list for next year, in case you delete your archives:-)

Sandi said...

Oh sure.. now I read all this stuff I should have done..and it's the 8th already! :)
Happy New YEar!