Wednesday, January 09, 2008


**I posted some photos of the past two days on My Serenity..puppy pictures!

After my excitement yesterday, I thought tonight would be an evening I could take an anti-inflammatory for my aches and pains, and just rest. Was I wrong!

Until these past few days, I had not really allowed it to sink in just how distracted I have been, and I am now facing the consequences of some poor choices.

Upon arriving home, I went over to check out the water level on the decks, it is higher than yesterday. The boat house has water in it now, but the mid-level deck is still above water, which is good. In an email, I received several aerial photographs of the flood waters. There is so much land, and so many homes underwater all around me, I assume FEMA will step in least for my neighbor's sakes I hope so.

Anyway, as I walked back up to the house, I noticed Miss Daughter's bedroom window was wide open, and the front door was partially open too! In addition, I heard quite a distressed sounding mewling coming through the open window. I was perturbed with the kids for leaving the house so open. But, I became even more perturbed when I realized it was my teen visitor from last night and her father who left the house in such a condition. I remembered she had decided to go stay with her sister, and her father was supposed to help her move her things today. The mewling I attributed to the fact I knew she was leaving her cats here, and thought they had been shut up in the bedroom. But as I glanced in the window, I saw Kiko, our dog sitting in the middle of the room. Did she have the cats trapped?

I went inside, set my things to the side, and entered Miss Daughter's room. Glancing around I saw no cats. Kiko just sat there looking up at me. "What's going on Kiko?" That is when I saw the first puppy! Wriggling and crying, then I saw two more in the corner of Miss Daughter's bed! "Oh! Kiko! Now? Do you need some help sweetie?"

I led Kiko to the back room where we had set up a whelping area, and came back for the puppies. I had the three of them in my arms, when I heard more mewling sounds coming from my bedroom...another puppy in there! Four so far, and none being kept warm up against their mother. My adrenalin level shot up, as I started preparing myself for an evening of warming them, and getting Kiko to stay with them.

My mind was racing...they were still damp, so they couldn't have been very old. In fact one still had the placenta attached...that too worried me. Did she lose interest? Not really know what to do? But she had taken care of the first two. I carried the four puppies back to Kiko, cut the cord on the one, and then went to search the two rooms to see if I had missed any. Thankfully, not.

While searching, I had phone calls from a friend, my sister, and my soon-to-be-ex. My sister and friend were concerned about the flooding, I quickly reassured them. And then had a call from soon-to-be-ex wanting to discuss the pre-settlement process. A few weeks ago I had asked for a discovery motion so I would know where we stand financially. He wanted to set up a time to meet, and discuss our options, again angry with me that I had gone through my attorney to do all this. I told him I was a bit preoccupied at the moment, as I had 4 new puppies to deal with, and wasn't quite prepared for their arrival. He was understanding, and asked me to call him later.

As I returned to the whelping room, I encouraged Kiko to lie down so the puppies could stay warm up against her, where they belonged, and do their searching for mother's milk. As I was placing them up against her, I found two more! Cripes! In the brief time period I had been searching, and answering calls she had birthed two more! I spent quite some time with her, petting her and soothing. 45 minutes later, all seemed to be going well. So, I decided to do a little internet research, just to make sure I was confident in the next steps I needed to take if Kiko developed any problems accepting her wee ones.

Within minutes, I heard more distress sounds from the puppies. I went to check in, and found Kiko had herself backed into the corner. The newborns were once again scrambling to find their mother, her warmth and her milk. As I was placing them up against her, I found another one! We are now at seven! (9:50 PM we are up to 8 now!) All look exactly like her so with a white spot on the chest.

I am so stressed...this was worse than being in labor with my children!

All has been quiet for the past 30 I know she is following her instincts...but I am almost afraid to go check in again...I don't want to find anymore! This whole thing was a mistake due to Mr. Son not saving money to have her spayed in the summer, and by the time I was ready to take matters into hand myself, it had been too late, she was already pregnant. Sigh.

I keep thinking about the fun they will be, but also the mess, the difficulty of dealing with puppies in the winter time, the responsibility of their care and keeping, in addition I have this ever present niggling fear that we may lose one or more of the puppies. Or, if Kiko should develop an infection, then I have to contend with more Vet bills than just getting them all their first shots.

Once again a learning lesson. I have preached for years about responsible pet care and ownership, now I have a taste of all that I preached against.

Anybody wanta puppy?


Jonas said...

A puppy! Oh...oh...oh...the temptation!

SoCal Sal said...

Wow, that was quite the evolution. I hope they are all well and mama dog is past her fear. Tempting but I am on a no pet kick for awhile. Kinda like the freedom to just pick up and go.

Anonymous said...

Yes please. Too bad you're so far away. I have a hole in my home right now that needs filling.

Seeker said...

Wow! You are having a busy time, you poor thing! I bet they are lovely though!

I hope that mum and all her brood do well and that you also get a chance to recover from your exertions!

Sunny Delight said...

Hmmm...I may have to see what I can do to keep that feeling of temptation strong. ~smile~

They are all doing wonderfully, Kiko has turned out to be a good mama so far.

Maybe I need to take a road trip in late Feb. Or we both do, I can meet you half way with one!

recovery in process, and they are adorable!