Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WHAT Has Happened to Our World?!?!

Miss Daughter has been away the past few days staying with her father. We had a very nice chat when she returned home tonight, we caught each other up on the happenings in each of our lives over the past few days,and played with the puppies (she played with them, I cleaned up the poopy mess in their little den...ick! Double ick! Why can't puppies wear diapers? I know, I know...all of that fur! I couldn't ask her to. She cleans up after cattle...and in my book, I much prefer the puppies.)

Anyway, as we were winding up our chat, she told me she watched something called the BME Pain Awards while visiting her father. The $50,000.00 Grand Prize Winner, only had to take a hatchet to himself, and chop off his testicles and penis! I have linked it for you if you care to watch. This is one of the very rare times, I am actually happy I am on dial-up and am unable to view the video myself.

I was in shock! How could anyone, for any amount of money, (fame?), castrate himself?

How? Why?

I asked Miss Daughter the same question. Her reply to me...had me in shock again!

"I would cut off my pinkie finger for someone if they offered me a million dollars. But, they would have to use anesthetic, I wouldn't do it for the pain."

"What!" "No way, you wouldn't?!"

"Mom, think about it. What do we need it for? It's not an important finger, it's not the wedding band finger. We don't need it to drink anything with, think of all those cup of tea drinking scenes, the pinkie is always sticking out anyway. You wouldn't do it?"

"No, I don't think I would, no." "Wait, you need your pinkie, think about when you're drawing. You need it to balance your hand as you use the pencil, or charcoal."

"I use my right hand, I would only allow them the left. No way could they have my right one!"

I was flabbergasted, still am.

Would she?

Would you? Would you allow someone to amputate a piece of your body for one million dollars?


Anonymous said...

No, I prefer to keep my bits all attached thank you very much.

This also reminds me of an old joke. A guy asks a girl if she would sleep with him for a million dollars and she says yes. He says, well now that we've established what you are we can haggle over the price:)

Seeker said...

I was born without any fingers on my left hand and - although I cope well and rarely even think about my disability - the idea of somebody deliberately destroying even part of one of their hands is extremely upsetting to me!

I guess though that most of us take things for granted much of the time and only appreciate what we have when we are suddenly without it!

Jonas said...

There's simply no end to the things people will do (have done) for if money was the most important thing in life.

It isn't.

S'mee said...

I need all my bits. They will drop off naturally in time and don't need any help from anything sharp. Thanks for the link. I couldn't help watching Paul Potts while I was there.

Sunny Delight said...

I completely agree with you!



I would think it would be, I really don't understand the whole kind of frightens me, how acceptable some things are becoming. I usually relish change, but I suppose with all things good, some bad must come as well.

No, money isn't important...not in that helps us acquire nourishment, housing, water, the basics...but there are other ways to acquire them also...not by selling ourselves...I hope no one I know ever finds themselves thinking they have to make such a choice.

I hope you keep all of your bits for a good long time...the images my mind played as I read that though!