Monday, April 28, 2008

Peaceful Dreams

Chris Rea's voice in this song fills me with such peace, when I listen it is a lullaby sung directly to my soul. I'm more than ready for sweet dreams this night.

Wishing myself sweet dreams, and no coughing, I am so weary of coughing.

There is no video, only his voice.


Jonas said...

And I wish you sweet dreams, too (with NO coughing!).

Jac said...

Get an anti-biotic!!!! I'm a firm believer in chemistry for better living

Hilary said...

I love Chris Rea... the few songs with which I'm familiar. This wasn't one that I knew, and it's lovely. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you feel better very soon.. like right now!

Sunny Delight said...

I went to sleep with his voice fresh in my mind, it did help. Although not the coughing.

Chemicals are on the way, doctor prescibed a corticorsoid, an inhaler, and an anitbiotic...gonna kick this cold in the @@@! And, thank you again!

His voice just does something to me, I like a lot of his music, try a lot of different songs,and musicians come up on Chris Rea radio when you set it up, I heard a Lyle Lovett today that I had never really heard before...maybe I am just in a bluesy rock kinda mood.

Thank you for the well wishes.

Fiona said...

I can empathise, having been there before. Rest and medication, plus lots of liquids (not necessarily Merlot, though ;)) are the way to go. And get better soon, please!

Sunny Delight said...

Hoping I do get better very soon, I know we all say it, and it doesn't really make sense...but, "I don't have time to be sick, most especially not so sick that I am exhausted by 1PM!"
Hopefully the meds will start to do their thing...soon.
Thank you for the well wishes. Hugs.