Friday, May 02, 2008

Jeles at Common Ties

I find these thought provoking.

(noun, pronounced "jelly"): Obscure journalism jargon for a showcase story that lasts through the weekend.

Common Ties asks the world 20 questions, pair the answers with art, and publish their favorites every Friday.

There are many more at Common Ties.

The Questions:
1. What door do you wish you never opened?
2. What is your most obsessive thought?
3. Where is your favorite place in the world, and why?
4. What's the one thing your parents don't understand about you?
5. If you could relive a single day or moment, what would it be?
6. What were the strangest circumstances under which you have been intimate?
7. Under what circumstances have you been closest to death?
8. What is the most gracious act of kindness you have witnessed?
9. What is the worst betrayal you have ever experienced?
10. What is the most bizarre thing you have seen or done?
11. What is the greatest risk you have ever taken?
12. What is your earliest, most vivid memory?
13. What is the most meaningful "I love you" spoken by you or to you?
14. What was the single most terrifying moment of your life?
15. If you have experienced a moment of sudden faith or loss of faith, what prompted it?
16. If you could take back one thing you have done, what would it be?
17. What is your greatest talent or accomplishment?
18. What is the most joyful moment you have experienced?
19. What is the most painful moment you have experienced?
20. Open Question: Submit your own question and answer. No answer is off-limits, and can be on any personal theme. Here is a sample list of 20: abortion, addiction, adolescence, break-ups, crime, death, depression, eating disorders, humor, lucky breaks, mental disorders, moral dilemmas, pets, poverty, racism, religion, sex, suicide, turning points, war.

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the psycho therapist said...

I came over after seeing your very interesting comment at my little site. I walked in without expectations and was stunned at what I found. This is a place carpeted with depth. How wonderful!

Unfortunately it is late here and I'm slowing to make room for sleep so I'll be brief. I would have been in dreamland an hour ago if your words and that Common Ties link didn't hold me captive. Whoa, just, oh my god.

Saving this address for future returns. Thank you for everything. I feel as if I have just received an amazing gift.

~ Wendy