Monday, May 05, 2008

Yum and Yuck

It hit me hard, and once it did, I couldn't get it out of my mind. I was filled with an insatiable craving, filled with the desire to revel in its sinfully rich decadence.

I kept imagining the pure bliss of that first bite...imagining my teeth lightly crunching through the flaky thin outer layer, and into the moist, ooey gooey chocolatey caramel center, tasting the sweet earthiness of pecans crunching against my teeth. The more I tried to forget it, the more I wanted it. I swear at one point, I was sure I smelled the scent of fresh baked brownies, and roasting pecans wafting through my office door.

I craved. I desired. I really, really, really wanted a chocolate caramel pecan brownie...I don't know why, I rarely crave baked goods. Although, I can be a chocolate fiend at times. The craving surprised me. It was so huge, that during my lunch break I purchased the ingredients to bake some. I won't though, the craving has passed. I know, the imaginary brownies would have been so much better than the reality.

For about thirty minutes, my mind kept wandering to that imagined plate of brownies though. They were perfect. They were the perfect bite, they were perfection personified, freshly baked brownies at their peak, still warm from the oven, the mouthwatering moment when the soft fudgy center becomes chewy and the pecans are full flavored, the caramel stretching between the two pieces the brownie becomes when I break it in half.


Then I felt my recent nemesis crashing in and annihilating my delicious daydream. A heated flush suddenly enveloped me, I could feel it creeping across my face and down my neck as she made her presence known to me once again. I have tried to so hard to deny her existence. I thought I had another year at least before she struck full force. But nope, these past two weeks as my body's defense system has been weakened by seasonal allergies and bronchitis, she has been visiting me multiple times day and night, she never seems to sleep, and loves interrupting mine. No matter how much I try to deny her, she won't stop her annoying little interruptions in my day. I...gulp...I think...I am being haunted flashes. Grrrrrrrrrr!


Jonas said...

My God, woman! You're hot when you're hot!

Just sayin'

Mary said...

Sometimes you just have to have brownies. That's all there is to it.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for menopause. I am done with periods and all that crap, bring on the hot flashes, I already have them at night anyway.

And now I want something chewy, chocolatey and nutty. Thanks. I owe ya.

Sunny Delight said...

Ummm, thank you...

I got past the craving, but if there had been any available at the time...I woulda been chowin' down!

Don't know, it isn't menopause that bothers's the hot, cold, hot, cold...first I'm cold, then sweating, then chilled to the first I really thought it was the I think they are hot flashes...gotta go buy some more of my favorite homeopathic works for most of my discomforts.

Did you bake brownies?

Anonymous said...

No, I just ate a couple of chocolate cookies and left it at that. I'm low on butter and too lazy to go to the store to get any. And I'm leaving tomorrow, gulp.