Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Millineum Mother Daughter Rite of Passage?

Miss Daughter and I went on a little shopping trip this evening.

Two stores, several purchases.

At store number one, due to a broken condom 6 weeks ago, a late period, and the possibility of the morning after pill not working. I purchased her an at-home pregnancy test.

At store number two, the purchases consisted of two vibrators... both very pretty in varying shades of blue, (one for her, one for me), batteries to go with, some lubricant , and two bumper stickers that portray our political leanings.

Yep, you read that right, I bought my 18 year old daughter her first vibrator, and ya'know what? It felt really good, great in fact.

By the way, the pregnancy test was negative. HUGE sigh of relief!

I didn't think the purchases had much of a connection. But, maybe, just maybe, I was nursing an unconscious silly hope that the vibrator would help negate the need for purchasing more at-home-pregnancy tests, at least until her birth control pills are effective. 'Tis a thought. Not a very rational one, but then again, I have never claimed to be a rational being.

It did put an irrational fear in Boyfriend's mind...he thinks she will prefer the vibrator to him...nah...couldn't happen. Could it?


Ciera said...

It's odd to me that a mother and daughter could be open about sex...Mom and I don't talk about it much. She knows I have something, but she'd probably die if she knew it was two vibrators. I tweak her about such things once in a while, but I can tell it's something she doesn't like talking about. Ah well. Enjoy your new toys!

Jac said...

Phew. Having sons, I never had that incredible bonding moment with either of my kids. But wait..... my boy did steal my back massager when he was about 12 and I haven't seen it since. Maybe that is comparable?

Sunny Delight said...

Hi Ciera Girl! How are you?
I have tried to imagine our lives without our open communication, and I cannot, it actually causes me physical pain to think of us other than we are. Trust me, I have already enjoyed my new toy ~grin~ Miss Daughter shared hers with Boyfriend.

Laughing, I am quite open with my son...him...eh not so much, thus, I cannot imagine Mr. Son being willing to shop for sex toys with me, or his sister...and they share a lot! But now that it has entered my mind...hmmm.

If your son has your massager, I am sure he has found many wonderful uses for it! ~silly grin~

X. Dell said...

Might she prefer the vibrator to the boyfriend? I dunno. Maybe it depends on how much the vibrator costs.


I was wondering if Miss daughter might be a tad underweight. A doctor told one of my old girlfriends that her periods were sometimes late because of her lack of body fat.

That was a relief to hear.

Sixdegrees said...

What a great mom you are!

Deb said...

I think I'll buy a vibrator for my middle daughter, for her eighteenth birthday. I think it's a great idea. I know I love mine:)

Glad the pregnancy test was negative.

plan0 said...

What an interesting shopping trip. I'm glad to hear she got over her (first?) scare.

The bf will get over the vibrator, or she should get over him. Consider it a test.

A question - you both bought blue vibes but... who's was the bigger one?

Fiona said...

You're such an awesome mum!!! Mine didn't even tell me about periods, never mind sex *L*.