Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bananas, Nuts, Hot Fudge, and ......

One banana ripened to perfection.
Honey roasted peanuts.
One jar of hot fudge sauce.

What else is needed?

The banana is peeled and sliced, the peanuts ready, the fudge sauce heated.

All I need is................

Two lovely scoops of vanilla ice cream.

I anxiously walk over to the freezer, scan the compartment.

I can't find it.

I know we had some, I have seen hubby and Miss Daughter eating ice cream all week.

Go out to the other freezers, no ice cream.

Now what?

I had a nice bowl of chocolate covered banana, covered in honey roasted peanuts.

Somehow, it was just not the same.

1 comment:

Phil said...

Whether you did it consciously or not, there is a lot of erotic symbolism in your desire for an ice cream sundae. I think you need more than ice cream.