Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Live w/ fervor, Laugh w/ passion, Learn w/ intensity, and Love w/ everything you are.

I finally chose to stay home today, trying to recover from a cold or virus I have been battling for over a week. I slept a lot, but one can only sleep so much.

Then Miss Daughter deciding since I was home, she could put me through the hell of highlighting her almost waist length brown hair......hell.....yes hell....pulling strands of extremely long hair out of tiny little holes with a crochet hook.........causes pain, major pain....she complains, tears form, and it IS MY FAULT! She wanted me to do it! I warned her! But it is awful to cause your child pain, of any kind. So we argue over it, and then get over it.....thankfully we are both good at "getting over it".

Anyway the true reason for this post....out of my usual need to play online..I came across the most amazing blog today. Written by a young man of 26, I haven't read it all, but what I have read has touched my heart so deeply.

I am going to post a portion of what he wrote about his daughter...........

We lay next to each other in my gigantic king sized bed. I am on my back and she is on her left side facing me with her arms wrapped around my right bicep and with her soft round cheek pressed against my steady shoulder.

She has one leg propped up over my abdomen as she tells me of her day.

I am sure I heard every detail that has happened in her life today, at least once, but I just listen as she goes back over those subjects she thinks I might have missed. This is the ONLY girl in the world who has my whole heart and full attention at all times. She is the only one who need not say a word for me to understand her needs, desires, and wants. She snuggles closer and gives me soft kisses on the corner of my mouth right where my smile lines have formed. She places that kiss perfectly. She knows where to place that kiss now because she has done it before and she is the creator of those smile lines. Her laughter makes me smile, her eyes make me smile, and her simply being mine makes me smile.

She lays her head on my chest, listens for a moment and asks “Why is your heart beating so hard?” Because it is full of love for a very special girl,” I reply. She doesn’t say a word but merely gives a glimmer of her radiant smile because she knows how the rest of this conversation will go if she asks about this special girl. She knows who this special girl is and why I feel this way about her. She knows I will always be here, ready, willing to do whatever is necessary to keep her and keep her safe. Travel any distance necessary to bring her back into my arms. The Archangel Michael himself could not keep me from her side. I have fought many demons and would fight a million more for her. I would dare take on Satan himself and have no doubt of an assured victory if I knew it was for her happiness. Men stand no chance, women even less, against me if it requires I defend her. I would accomplish a great many feat, legal or otherwise, to make sure she does not have to see the things I have seen in my lifetime. I resolved a while ago to dedicate my life for one purpose until the day this body of mine stops pumping blood through my veins. This purpose won’t fade, my love will not dwindle, and my allegiance will not sway. Even if dead wrong I will love her, defend her, hold her, and embrace her with arms of compassion, understanding, and acceptance while cherishing her forever. Her eyes have lost the fight against the night. It is tough being as beautiful as she is and she tries desperately to keep up with me. Like so many others who try relentlessly to keep up with her dear old ADHD dad she fails and drifts into a place where she is secure while still here safely on my chest. She watches the back of her eyelids as I watch over her.

Grow up in my love little girl. A love that I did not know I had until you were in my life. This unconditional love grows as you do. Grow up as I pour into you everything that I am so you can enter my world and hopefully escape the sins of your father and mother. Forgive us of where we have failed you little girl. Your father was not the most attentive man in his younger years and your mother was not the most faithful. Grow past us and learn from our mistakes without having to travel the trails of torment we have been down. Little girl you are the only female in the world who holds my whole heart in her tiny hand. She lays next to me in my gigantic king sized bed. I am on my back with her soft round cheek pressed against my steady shoulder. Don’t you worry baby girl, I will always be rock steady for you. I will never vary, never! I will always be here, always.

I looked and looked again at his age, wondering, how did he reach such a maturity, knowing I will have to find the time to read more, to know more. There are truly some very amazing people in our world. He is one.


Pamela Hollosnap said...

The post that you put in yours was beautiful. Remember that you recognized it for it's beauty because you have the same in you.

Sunny Delight said...

Why thank you Pamela, hope you don't mind I linked your blog here.