Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Who Do I Look Like?

I stole this from James, who stole it from Lime.....it uses your self-portrait to come up with your celebrity look-alikes.........hmmmm wonder who I look like? I used two separate self-portraits, and these 5 came up on both.
Erica Durance, Heather Locklear, Rachel McAdams, Francoise Hardy, Serena Williams..... I think it's the cheekbones.

Never have I ever been told I look like any of these people, ah well, at least there were no men, poor James had more women than men.

Give it a try----what celeb do you look like?

Erica Durance

Heather Locklear

Rachel McAdams

Serena Williams

The following two women are who I have been compared to all of my life....go figure.

1 comment:

Phil said...

Of course you don't look like any of those women. You look better.