Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Wednesday Whine

Not sure if this is a whine post, or a puzzeled post.

My daughter has been very ill for several days. Today, I had to rearrange my schedule and take her to the doctor....not a problem...that is my job as her parent.

What kind of got me is that when we finally arrived home at 6:00 this evening, my husband was home, and he informed me that the doctor's office had called. Her test results had came back positive for an ear infection, and mononeucleosis. They had called in a script for her ear infection, that I needed to call the school in the morning, let them know she would be out for the rest of the week, line up assignments, etc. Okay, makes sense. But, what sorta pissed me off was...number one I have an fing cell phone...he could have called me and told me that I needed to stop and pick up a prescription for her. I live 15 miles from the nearest pharmacy! So after working all day, or most of it anyway since I had to leave early, drive home, pick up daughter, take her back to the city to doctor, sit in doctor's office for 2 hours, then drive home, he informs me that I need to drive back into town to pick up medicine. Know what he was doing? Watching the History Channel. On top of that he wants me to call the nurse back and ask how infectious mono is, and can he get it! Well duh! It is an infectious virus, caused by sprayed droplets....yeah you might get it!
I did not reply that way of course, I was very nice and just told him the facts of the illness. He then says I still need to call the nurse. I told him the office was closed for the day. "Well I think you should still try to call.....I really don't have the time to be sick."

Okay, I know I am being really nitpicky here, but what adult do you know has the time to be sick, and HOW IS MY CALLING THE NURSE GOING KEEP HIM FROM GETTING SICK!

Okay, did I create this situation? I stayed home with my kids for 12 years, and even when I went back to work part-time, I still planned all appointments, got everyone to practice, friends homes, the movies, games, concerts, whatever, whenever, whoever, I was responsible for it. I did it, still do it, and no complaints most of the time. But, why the hell couldn't he go pick up the prescription, or at least call me on the cell?

Okay the whining is over, I feel better, and Wednesday is almost over. Which means there are only two more days to the weekend....I was going to say Yippee! But then I realized it really sucks, cause he will be here all day all the time for 48 fing hours! Or, maybe not, he wouldn't want to be exposed to those teeny tiny mono dropletts.....hmmmm maybe I need to drop some hints in that direction....smiling...okay now the whine is really over....God! I am such a bitch!


VA Nurse said...

OMG did we marry brothers?...lmao.

It's not just yours hun.Mine does the same damn thing.

Sorry your daughter is sick. I hope she feels better soon.

But, I have one up on ya...My hubby works Friday and Saturday :P

plano said...

May your kids grow up to be like you babe, all the best to your daughter.

plano said...

What kind of guy is he, doesn't he have any of the standard excuses. Poorly trained men in your part of the world, pass these on to him:

"I couldn't find the phone"

"I caught a temporary case of dyslexia and couldn't dial the right number"

"The porn I was watching kept me too busy to call"

"I thought you'd want to hear this in person"

"What? Interrupt nap time?"

Sunny Delight said...

va--take him back home to his mother then! grrrr! somedays!

plano--ty babes, and i will pass on the excuses. :)