Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Today Is International Women's Day

Today was the kickoff for a great idea! Take some time and visit the International Women's Museum

Find some ways to help your community, your world, your children's futures.
Doesn't take much time. I don't do much, but somedays I really do think I make a difference, whether in the 2 youth organizations I am involved in, or when I walk for March of Dimes, or Homeward Bound (walks for the homeless). It does feel good!

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS: In the face of serious health issues stemming from intimate relationships—from HIV/AIDS to domestic violence—young women (and men!) are stepping up to the plate to transform their lives and communities. They are doing so not as victims but as agents—working alongside their partners and communities to find new solutions to daunting and complex problems. You can join this tremendously positive movement to save millions of lives at risk. At the above site, there are some great ways to get involved.

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