Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sometimes it Does Stick

I noticed something today that seems really bizarre to me. When a song comes on the radio, if it is an artist of today, I recognize them, I know the song, I know the band, not always, but amazingly often for me (compared to other people's memories for music, the small amount I recognize is nothing, but for me it is a lot)..........where did that come from?

Music from my own teen and twenty years, forget it, there are a select few, that I rarely get wrong when I hear, I do have to hear it though, Beatles, Doors, Zepplin, ZZ Top ( and actually those are a tad before my time) but most of those I can recognize the sound, there are others that I just can't think of them now....

But tonight I was singing with Fall Out Boy, Seether, Kelly Clarkson, Fountains of Wayne........not even realizing it. Something is seriously wrong here, I am 46 years old, I am supposed to recognize music from the mid-seventies and eighties.....dunno maybe it was being a dance team coach a few years back, I had to know the music that would be attractive to the students, and so I started listening more to the names and titles?

So I am thinking, was I too drunk, too stoned in my youth, too much going on in my home life that I pushed all memories far away...even the music?

Seems so very strange to some things stick in my brain, and some don't.

The things that people remember has always interested me, one of my sister's ex's could remember the tiniest little details of his life, since the age two, his mother would back him up...yes he remembered......maybe that is why he is an alcoholic today, he can't get rid of anything.

A friend of mine, can quote many lines from Seinfeld, he even told me he knew the entire script of one can he do that?

People quote things to me all the time, and I am supposed to recognize the reference, most of the time I do not...... Now if you said "Make it so", that I would recognize.

I have read so many books on memory, trying to learn how to keep it in my brain, but alas, I am just a Dory, now if only I were as funny as she.

In a way maybe that is why I like the trivia games, especially the multiple choice one linked to here, because I do know it, I just can't retrieve it on demand, but with a memory jog I can. Which reminds me, I think it is quiz night at xs....hope I am not too late.

Made it to the quiz, but only got two points *sigh*, why is it that the guys there can type so much faster.....must be computer geeks :P

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