Friday, March 17, 2006

Yesterday I Almost Hated My Job!

Today, I loved it! Why? Because today was a day of constant busy. From juggling schedules, dealing with a kazillion phone calls, and meeting new clients. It all came together, everything worked. It was great!
Of course the best part is the people, the clients, even when I am so tired of talking on the phone I dread picking up the phone.

One warm, funny, pleasant person can turn the day around. Today there were many.

Knowing that we can help someone who feels desperate, who feels as if their world will never be any better. When I can say, yes, we can help you. I can have someone here next week, to help them get their little world feeling more orderly, a little more controlled. I leave them with the knowledge that next week they will not be alone. Which in turn gives me a warm feeling, and then life feels good.
I love these people. Each one has a story, their diseases, their disabilities may be similar, but they are each individuals with different histories, whether they be 57 or 87.

I met the most wonderful woman today, well, I say that about most of my clients. This one spent 30 years working as an investigator for The Environmental Protection Agency. I was so shocked when she told me how she had spent those years, this diminutive white haired lady investigating the most amazing things. And, when I said you should write all this down, she just smiled, and said, "Oh I couldn't do that, I signed a confidentiality pledge when I retired." Anyway, I let that one go, and as we moved on to the where we needed to discuss her health history, she started talking about her ankles and legs, seems she has congestive heart failure and has to take a drug to reduce.....grrrr can't remember what it is called now....anyway drug is lasex and it basically kind of dehydrates the body to keep down water retention....she showed me her ankles.....I told her they were quite lovely.........and they were quite shapely.....she then looks down, smiles rather shyly, and tells me she was a leg model back in the 40's. I love it!

The days go by, some are boring, some are downright awful, but then I get to experience days like today, and that is why I do what I do.

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Phil said...

A leg model? That's a job? Cool. I sense a career change coming on!