Monday, March 20, 2006


I am sitting here at my computer late Sunday night, or early Monday morning, however you want to look at it. Really kind of worn out, spent a long boring day, babysitting teens for a fashion show, in between times fiddling with my camera. But mostly bored. Did get some great shots though of various things.

Anyway, get online, spend some time in chat playing in the trivia quiz---got two right---Yay me!
Then spend some time chatting with friends, love that, they always make me smile. Then, I start editing a post, was gonna delete it, but hell first blogger wouldn't let me, and then I thought about the amount of time I spent writing it, editing it, reediting it, and re-reediting it, so I republished it instead.....woooo....a lot of re's there. Then after trying to add a photo 2o odd times, I start seeing this black blur out of the corner of my eye.......glance I must be more tired than I thought.........resume typing.........more black blur............more looking........nothing........

Continue with what I am doing.........the blur is not so much a blur has legs!

Another, quicker is a big hairy spider the size of a half-dollar coin!

WTF! Both feet are already off the floor, do I kill it? Maybe it is a good spider. Are there good spiders? Maybe outside, but NOT in my house! What do I kill it with? What if it bites?

By the time I am done asking myself all these questions, the damn spider is under the refridgerator! Now what? It could end up making the long trek through the downstairs, then upstairs to my bedroom!

I would love to spend my nights with something warm, but a not big a hairy spider that might have fangs!

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