Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What I know............Today

I know that today is the second day of spring, there is snow on the ground, but I also know the end of that is definitely in sight, and the warmth will be here very soon....YES!

I know that I have two of the greatest kids in the world, Miss Daughter had to write a paper on who her hero is........she wrote about her brother........how cool is that?!

I know that if someone is going to lie to me I would prefer it to be one really big one over a bunch of small ones--that just make their life easier.

I know that I really really need to do something that makes me feel absolutely gloriously wonderful...........only I don't know what that is.

I know that I am in great need of a long, loving, very tight hug, some great kissing would be very nice too.

I know that I need remember the to recognize the small little moments of the day, that make life so wonderful.

I know that I am going to try an experiment with my HNT this week, and if it works, I am going to be so proud of myself. :-)

I know that I had to make 37 phone calls today, and only got to 24 before I gave up, and decided to wait to finish them on Thursday.

I know that tomorrow I have an 8 hour training and I am going to be sooooooo bored.

I know that if we are going to have snow on the ground, I wish there were at least enough to build a snowman.

I know that Little Dog is now our dog forever. I know I am not that happy about it either.

I know that I do not have the patience to finish a sudoku, why is that?

I know that I want my husband to go to bed so that I can get on my im's....grrrr!

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Phil said...

You know a lot more than most people. Can I help with any of the things you don't know?