Saturday, April 01, 2006

Failure To Launch

We went to the movies....big night out for me, don't think we have been to see a movie in the theatre since Rent was released.

It was a tough decision, should we see a horror flick, The Hills Have Eyes? Nope not in the mood, nor was I in the mood for the teen flick Miss Daughter wanted to see, She's the Man, gotta admit I enjoy most made-for-teen movies, but most of those are just fine on DVD.

So we decided to check out one of our favorite hotties Mmmmm.........Matthew McConaughey.......he will be in my dreams tonight.

I hadn't watched any of the previews for Failure to Launch, so I had no idea what to expect.
It was pretty good, some great slap-stick comedy, okay--not great--but still made me laugh out loud. The story line wasn't that bad either. A thirtysomething man who still lives with his parents falls in love with the woman of his dreams and then finds out she has been hired by his parents as a way to get him out of the house.

We go to the movies to escape, to not think for a while, and this movie accomplishes that. It doesn't raise a lot of questions in the mind, cause a lot of thought, but it did do exactly what it was intended to do, divert us, allow us to laugh.

The weird thing, that I noticed, and Miss Daughter also noticed, is that almost all the actors/actresses had blue eyes, the main 7 characters, all blue eyes. Don't know why we noticed this, or if others viewing noticed it, but we did. I think my favorite character was the female roommate
of the main ingenue, Kit, she was wacky, mean, feisty, and the scenes of her trying to deal with a nocturnal mockingbird were the least predictable, things I could see myself doing or at least imagining, after many sleepless nights in a row. So, if you are looking for a comedic diversion, it was well worth the $17.00 I paid out in tickets.

Then on the way home, I got last nights synopsis of South Park from Miss D... she didn't even realize she was using the South Park accent during the entire recitation....which is what made it so funny to hear....she had no idea that is why I found her synopsis so funny, she now thinks I am as big a South Park fan as she is.

My main reason to go to the movies tonight was to divert my teen from her latest obsession, she wants her tongue pierced. Approximately every two hours, I get a new version of her logic on why this should happen. The funny thing is, I really don't care that much whether she gets it pierced or not......the tongue is the one place that will show no scar, when she is tired of that piercing. But my initial reaction to her request was a resounding NO, so I have to stick to my guns......gotta be sorta consistant as a parent.
Her logic never ceases to amaze me, the best one so that she can't wait until she is 18, because by then she won't want it, a pierced tongue won't be cool then, it is cool now. Why is it cool now, because she is 16 of course. At least this is one thing I don't have to worry about her attempting on her own. She has gauged 2 of her ear piercing, 6 weeks ago she and a friend gave themselves small tattoos, luckily a small one, in a very discreet place....and she stills feels guilty over that one because she did it without my permission, her guilt has been more than enough punishment. This week while she was visiting another friend, she died her blond highlights blue, luckily with a few tweaks from me tomorrow, they will look better. Which she knew I would do.

My logic of the day for saying no to the tongue piercing was to use the old marijuana know the one our parents used smoke that pot, and the next thing you will be doing heroin!
My argument being that she went from one set of piercings in her ears to four, and then had to gauge some of those, then she did the tatt thing, so I said what next? You get started and you can't stop, soon she will be covered in piercings...... she didn't really fall for it...her argument back to me was that she learned her lesson from the tattoo, she doesn't like doing things without my permission. does this mean she won't have sex until I tell her it is okay?


Phil said...

Maybe the reason that all the movie main characters had blue eyes is because blue eyed people are just so damn good looking. I agree on your ixnay of the tongue piercing.

Sunny Delight said...

ho ho now wait a minute there! I have green eyes! Green eyed peeps are the best! Although gotta admit, do find my self lost in the depths if some blues ;)