Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Late Night Baking

Well, Sonny boy enjoyed his birthday, finally picked up the corned beef in a small town north of home, on the way home from work.

I baked that cake during the wee hours of this morning, and when making the glaze, I didn't exactly follow the recipe, in addition, I also did not use a flat serving platter, resulting in a pool of glaze in the center. The cake is delicious, or was, sonny boy took it home with him. Although the center of each slice, is .....well.....rather intoxicating.

He and miss daughter helped me solve the green wall on level 12 of MOTAS ( an online game I am addicted too), but after another hour of play, I am still stuck on level 12---even my brilliant son couldn't find the clues...he said he was sleepy, and if he couldn't sleep, all he would have to do was eat a slice of cake with a large center section, and he would then fall fast asleep, so you know how strong the glaze could actually taste the rum in the air when the cover was removed......everyone went to bed soon after eating cake.....a new sleeping aid?

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Phil said...

Great, sexy pic on your other blog.