Thursday, April 06, 2006

What's Important?

Is it really important that Katie Couric is moving to CBS, do you care?
I know that I don't.

The illegal immigrant bill? Yes, that is important, it could get so many that are hiding, into much needed health care, get the children in school, they would be able to collect unemployment benefits when they lost their jobs, in addition to a myriad of other benefits to both the immigrants and the nation. There are many things wrong with the bill, but it is a start.

Do I care that a congresswoman hit a security guard, yes, what a way to get your way! I care that officials cannot decide whether to press assault charges or She assaulted him! She lied all during the first week, she made several mistakes...admit them...she is a public figure, one who is a role model.

Does the fact that Uranus has a blue ring seem important, no not really, but because of the fact that it has to do with space, and research, it's cool to know that those very same type of particles that make our sky blue, create the ring around Uranus.

Do I care that Eminem is getting a divorce? No, but why is it, that the celebities are the ones that get the most talked about, the most 30 second sound bites?

There is so much of interest going on in our world, but it seems to be the entertainment side that captures everyones attention, the things that are easy to talk about around the table during a coffee break. Are we so afraid of voicing our opinions, of possibly offending someone?
Or, do we just take the easy, social small talk as a given? I only discuss the important things with those people that are close to me. I sometimes wonder, why?


plano said...

You're kidding. A blue ring around Uranus isn't important? You know that whoever brought that up at coffee or lunch has an anal fixation and was putting out feelers.

Sunny Delight said...

lol only you! only you!

Phil said...

What? Eminem is getting a divorce? Now who will be a role model for my kids?