Sunday, April 16, 2006

When Your Bored--Laugh

Want to do cool things with your microwave oven? We-Man's Funny things to do with your microwave page

A Sampling of Other's Peoples Sillies:

1. My wife and her sisters took all the kids and went camping. A group of the older kids got there first and set up the tents. Later in the day when everyone was at the lake another nephew, who came up and saw the tents set up decided he wanted his tent in the place where there was already a tent. So he moved that tent and replaced it with his. During this time his brother was at the beach and when he came back, noticed what his brother had done. He told him that the tent he moved, wasn't in our campsite. It was a stranger's tent! So then he started to frantically put the tent back with one nephew and his girlfriend saying, "here comes the people!!!!" but they were just messing with him. The funny part was when the people came back, and noticed that their tent was set up backwards and they had no tent stakes, then started giving us dirty looks! Yes, this is my family again.... Madtbone.

Years ago while my husband and I were making love in our bedroom, our 2 year old son can in the room without us knowing it. He proceeded to jump onto is Dad's back and started yelling get em' up pony ride em' pony!

This is not an excuse, but one of the funniest stories I have ever heard. A friend of mine, (who shall remain nameless for fear of retaliation) was at the gynecologist for her regular checkup. When the doctor was doing the palpation part of the exam when he puts his hand inside and presses on the abdomen, my friend let out a HUGE fart! The doc and the nurse gave a valiant effort at remaining stoic, but within a few seconds, all 3 collapsed into uncontrollable laughter and the doctor had to postpone the exam!! Needless to say, she was quite embarrassed and changed doctors immediately after this little episode.

This message was sent to me from a computer analyst at the college I work at: The system spotted some corrupted document in your mail database overnight and attempted to fix it. It seems fine from this end now but I would feel better if you can tell me that everything is fine from your end as well. Can you do a quick check for me? Look for messages that would have been delivered to you yesterday (March 7th) but that you haven't seen yet, i.e. messages that never showed up in your Inbox. If you find any, can you please call me a.s.a.p. If you don't find anything amiss, don't worry about it. Is it just me or would I not see these "missing" messages cause .... THERE NOT F***ING THERE??!!!!! -agf-

One time my mother and her twin sister and her two daughters went to a department store in a little town outside of where we live. My mother went into the store with dark glasses on and was pretending to be blind. To say the least us girls were really embarrassed. My mom was knocking things over and yelling at my aunt about the color and price of things. The sales lady in the store was walking around behind my mom picking things up off the floor while telling them it was ok.. My mom turned around and asked my aunt who said that my aunt said it was just the sales lady then my mom walked right up to her and ran her hands all over the woman's face. Finally they decided it was time to go so my mom handed my aunt her wallet and she paid for the items that my mom happened not to break. We went outside to the car and my mom went around to the drivers side and got in the car. The looks on those peoples faces in the store is one you will never forget! (I am sooo gonna try this one!)

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