Monday, May 22, 2006

50 Things I Will Never Do.............

I came across a random writing site, one that is supposed to help kickstart the brain. Get those feelings of creativity flowing again.

One of them was to list 50 things you will never do. I thought that should be easy enough, I'll try that one first.

But, for the number one I think I have to write.....

There are probably not 50 things I can say I will never do, because I might do some of them, I am fairly open-minded, there are a lot of things I want to do, a lot of things I hope to do, and there are already a several things I have done, that if asked even a few years ago, I would have said "I would never do that".

So then I thought, how about reversing it, can I list 50 things I have done, that I thought I would never do? If so, am I willing to post those here? Because there are some things I have done that are so deeply a part of who I now am, I am not sure I am capable of sharing those with anyone, everyone. There are some that are hardfor me to even think about, while many are things that I am so very glad I did.

Something to ponder on, something to perhaps work on a few minutes each day, something to wonder about, something that may perhaps teach me more about who I am, where I am going, and where I want to be. Then a part of me reminds myself of something a friend keeps telling me....."You think too much, just do it". But then again, that is a part of who I am, thinking too much....and I think my dear friend "gets that" about me too.

I am now wondering, is writing about 50 Things I Will Never Do, something I will never do?

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Phil said...

Now that's an interesting theme. I'd love to see it.