Thursday, May 25, 2006

15 of the Simplest of Pleasures (in no special order of importance)

  • Watching the sky during a thunder storm
  • The blackest night, a star filled sky, lying on your back gazing upward
  • Sitting on a deck on the lake, enjoying a huge cup of coffee and listening to the birds wake up song
  • A plate of bacon, fried eggs over easy, and a slice of rye toast smothered in creamy butter
  • Inhaling the scent of lilacs in bloom
  • A warm cozy bed, an open window on a brisk cold winter night
  • The sound of a train whistle in the distance at 3 am
  • Listening to children laughing
  • Floating lazily in slow moving water, feeling sunfish nibbling on your toes
  • Working hard on a hot summer day, drinking cold well water from the garden hose
  • Sitting with friends around a campfire
  • A hot fudge sundae, covered in peanuts
  • A baby sleeping softly, peacefully against your chest
  • Listening to a friend tell you the happenings of their day
  • Hugs


Phil said...

Wow! 6 of the items on that list sound just like every weekend at my cottage!

plano said...

9 of those would be on my list. Betchya can't guess which ones.

Sunny Delight said...

plano--hmm...thunder storm, stars, cozy bed, childen laughing, floating, campfire,baby,friend, hmmm not sure about the last a food item...eggs? or the train whistle?

plano said...

So close! Lose the friend, gain a lake. And yes, the eggs.