Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mind Still Reeling

My 16 yr old spent the the past 30 some hours away from home at a friends home. This friend does not live in the best of neighborhoods, in fact we had grave reservations about her spending time there. But her friend is a very nice girl, who lives in an alternative what you will there, the problem is not really the two girls, it is the neighborhood reputation--lots of drugs and drinking--very little adult supervision----anyway, I tried to tell myself that she is 16.5 years old, I trust her judgement, she has to make these types of decisions for herself, she has a very level head on her shoulders (where that came from, I am still asking)

Sooo anyway, I get an earfull tonight, more than I can really take in......

Kids drinking (not her, she was NOT going there she said, in fact talked several others into not drinking, she said they had more fun making fun of the drunks, and asking them to fetch things for them, so they could watch them stumble around)...anyway I learned...

They babysit each other, some choose to stay sober to do just that....if someone passes out, they turn them on their side, prop their backs with a pillow, just in case they vomit, then they won't choke on it......I would have never thought of that when I was a teen! But then I would probably have been one of the ones who needed propped.

Next of the girls was very drunk, then had a panic attack, which they thought was a seizure, so they called the daughter and others are freaking out big time....thery are sure they will all be arrested, the other kids are saying "No way can police come inside the house", daughter is telling them, "Yes they can, if they think they have probable cause, which with a bunch of drunk teen-agers they do!" ( I am thinking great, I could have had a nice trip to the police station, well I didn't just think it, I said it!)

So they wake the guardian, police breathalyze almost everyone, luckily most pass, but police find a pipe in a girls purse, older sister says "I take full responsibility for everything" to the police, until guardian loses it, and tells her to tell the truth, or basically life as she knows it is over! Yeah that kind of pipe.

Anyway, Panic Attack girl was taken to the hospital, the rest of the house was cleared out, and daughter tells me she retreated to her friends room, and then she lost it.....said she felt as if she couldn't breathe, that the very air felt too heavy to take into her lungs, she ask her friend to make her laugh, to give her some comic relief.....gotta love her, which I do. She said she wanted to call me soo badly, but didn't want to call me.....I do remember feeling like that.

She moves on to tell me how there are usually drugs being done in the older sister's room, okay, not liking this, tells me that she was in a room filled with pot smoke, that she finally left because it was giving her a headache.......SHE IS NEVER RETURNING TO THAT HOUSE!!!!!!

Gotta remember this is a 16 year old girl, so subject change--she starts telling me of their trip to the mall....and how they were rapping some song called slob on my knob.....about a blow job, gonna have to google that one......I am thinking OMG! She says they rap it because it is funny, it makes them laugh........ My God! Do I ground her for life????

Okay I googled the lyrics
"Slob On My Knob"

[Juicy J]
Slob on my knob
Like corn on the cob
Check in with me, and do your job
Lay on the bed, and give me head
Don't have to ask, don't have to beg
Juicy is my name
Sex is my game
Let's call the boys, let's run a train
Squeeze on my nuts
Lick on my butt
The natural curly hair, please don't touch
First find a mate
Second find a place
Third find a bag, to hide the ho face
Real name rover
I said bend over
I started to knock, then came the odor
Smelled like mush
Shouldn't had a woosh
Told her to stop, and take a dush
While she did that
I didn't want the cat
So I bounced out and never came back

Suck a nigga dick or something [4x]

My nigga D-Magic
Said he had to have it
I said just forget it, it's too craby
Know a little freak, in Hollywood
Sucks on dick, does it real good
She'll give you money, feel up your tummy
House full of kids, parents all schummy
Once had a down, backyard ground
Hit it from the back
Enjoy the sound
Lay on the cover
Always use the rubber
Till I got caught, fucking with her mother
She blamed it on me
We fought in the street
She pulled out a knife, so I had to flee
Called up the boys
Went to her house
Charged the whole place
Threw the bitch out
Police busted in
Where the niggas at
We left just in time, and never came back
Roll through the hood, waving at the freaks
Who's sniffing all the rocks, and smoking all the geeks
Made another stop
Police station
Saw a few cops
Drove by and sprayed them
Licensee tag number
A nigga said he saw
Bogus all the time
Never get caught

Can I lock her in the house forever? Or do I continue to trust her hard, but a must, until proven otherwise, but getting close, very close, time for friends to visit here, instead of her there.

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Phil said...

My 13 y.o. just got back from a 3 day trip to Boston. I was worried about him while he was gone, but it turned out OK. I think our kids are always smarter than we give them credit for. Your daughters experience will make her smarter and more mature. Just don't let her go there again! Gotta love the song. Kids these days, what're you gonna do?