Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Firewall DVD

Watched the DVD tonight, hadn't heard anything about this movie, but I assumed had something to do with computer hacking ....yep it did.

Was pretty good, if you haven't seen I do recommend it.
Harrison does a pretty good job at playing the avenging father once again.

The story line is pretty good, I think it is even plausible, in today's technological world.....there is one thing I am going to ask my techie friend about if I ever see him online again...hint hint.

I wouldn't really give the movie 4 stars, but it has everything good action movie needs, an evil bad guy, a sweet bad guy, a few twists and turns to keep us guessing. Although I am really smart, or it is a bit on the predictable side, I guessed early on how he would find his family...oops no more or I will give it away.


Phil said...

I hate movies or shows where I figure it out way too early. That's how I rate movies, if they kep me guessing until the end.

plano said...

I've so been trying to avoid watching this movie, same way The Net made me cringe any time Sandra Bullock tried to sound plausible with a bad, bad script. If this has at least action, may be worth investing a couple of hours to watch :)

Sunny Delight said...

phil--know what you mean...although it isn't too bad if it keeps you at a point where you are not sure you are correct or not.

plano--even me, with very little tech knowlege had problems with The Net, but I love Sandra, so was okay with it....this one though, there are a few things that happen, that just have me thinking there is no f'in way that is possible.....action wise there is one fight scene where I found myself almost feeling the blows. If you watch it, can't wait to hear what you thought. It is not a movie I could completely lose myself in the story, just not enough of something, or maybe there are only so many ways to write the same story over and over regards to a bank robbery movie I liked the Bruce Willis movie Bandits much much better, or the oldie Point Break....