Thursday, June 08, 2006

Where do you go, when you need a place to think?

There are times when I just have the strongest need to get away from everyone and everything. I used to have a special spot on the riverbank, I could go and just sit for hours, watching the water, and the life within, the ripples of the wind across the water, the reflections of the sky, clouds and trees. But that place does not exist anymore. In fact most of the places I used to visit for some quiet, some peace, some alone time, seem to have been found by others, the places are never empty of people anymore.

So I get in my car, and I drive and drive, sometimes with the music blasting, the sunroof and all the windows open, finding back country roads to travel, roads that are living tunnels of trees in full leaf. But sometimes I need a place where I can just sit, lose myself in the aura of the place. Let my thoughts wander free, find the answers that are waiting.

Then there are times when I just exit up on the freeway, and have the car silent, no music, set my speed at around 80 and just cruise. Again letting my thoughts wander free, but the answers never come on those trips. It is the quiet interludes, sitting on a beach, or river bank that only seem to do that. Not sure why, I seem to have some affinity for the water, being near it, does something almost primal, a feeling of belonging.

At a loss right now though, I don't know where to go, my favorite lake is crowded on a daily basis due to it being summer. So I don't feel as if I can go there. But I have to find that place, that place where I can just be and be, until I feel as if I have once again found my center. For awhile I thought, get busy, stay busy, but that soon wears thin, and I have to have the solitude, and the beauty of nature to find my center.

Some special place is calling me, I just haven't found it yet.

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Phil said...

I walk my dog at night, by the lake preferably.