Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Death Clock

Was playing around and came across this site, kind of pessimistic, but I couldn't resist trying it out, it seems I am too die on April 23, 2051, but every time I re-entered the same information, it came up with another date...I wonder how many people do that, continually click on the button to see if it changes, there was about a 5 year difference. But if I changed my gender to male, I lost years.....sorry fellas.

Then if I made two small changes in my lifestyle I would live to be anywhere from 100 to 103 years old....not really sure I want to be there, after visiting with most of my clients.....but there are a few that still love their lives, even at 97...or as one of my favorite clients put it she just celebrated her 79 reversed birthday.

Good thing I just want to remember to enjoy my moments as they come.

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