Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I woke up this morning, and the sun was shining! Bad, bad, bad.
My first thought being we had all overslept!
Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Guess hubby thought I wasn't needed anymore, so he turned off my alarm clock.

At first I was angry, then hurt, why did he shut me out like that, it has been building with "this particular project" for two years.

Then as I ingested my first cup of coffee, and my mind could actually work, instead run on emotion only...I came to the realization that it really didn't matter what his reasons are......

They have to do with HIS time with our daughter, in the space of time when I have been sidelined in this one area of our lives.... they have finally built a relationship...which would not have occurred if I were in the picture as much....she and I are way to close....

But ya' know it still hurts a little, and even though at this instant I feel redundant and shoved aside.....in the long run....it is all for the best....plus once I get to the show....they will definitely be wanting my help....and so even though I have become the one standing mostly on the sidelines in this endeavor...I AM still needed...after all I am THE MOM, I always inject the sanity in the moments of extreme stress, and most importantly the one who always brings food and drink for all :)

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