Friday, July 14, 2006

Two Life Lessons from a 97 Year Old

A look of surprise on her face as she said.............."Life is to enjoy, laugh at, laugh about, so why moan and groan about the little things that really don't matter all that much............. plus I've got my basketball games. "

The above was in response to the comment that she always seemed so cheerful. She is trying to fill her summer hours with the game of baseball, but says it is much harder to understand......she knows there is a pitcher, a catcher, a shortstop, and she "really really wants to 'help' them when they are running the bases." She can't wait for basketball season to start again.

Much giggling................."Never throw rocks at a German Shepherd, he will bite you in the balls the first chance he gets, and you will deserve it."

In response to a question about owning pets.....she once owned a shepherd and her neighbor hated it, he threw rocks at it, one day when visiting their home, the dog leaped at him as he entered the door, and went straight for the groin.....neighbor only needed 9 stitches......

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