Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Is it Really only Tuesday? *Huge Sigh*

Grooooaaannnnnn, moooaaannnn, and more groans. Oh my neck, my shoulders. I thought I hurt from the rough time I gave myself on the lake, but oh wow, the tension from work is soooo much worse!

That has to be the worse thing about taking a holiday, the return to everyday life, the return to an overloaded email account, the snail-mail box full of junk, still haven't figured out why I get so much junk mail at work, it is bad enough at home, the voice mails.......more groans.

My mental-shakedown definitely worked in regard to work, I totally forgot that my fellow caseworker's last work day was on the 11th, and she will not be replaced for several weeks, so I get to add another county to my workload, another 75 clients. What does that really mean? More hours, more names to learn, more client quirks to learn, more and more and more complaints....grrrr!

More paperwork, but on the brightside, I got to cancel a meeting, hoo rah! No time for that this week.

Sooooo what else? School has started here, so I got to listen to my daughter's back-to-school woes ......."none of my friends are in my classes, this teacher has a seating chart, lunch is horrible no one I know is on my lunch, I have homework already, god I am already behind in chemistry and its only the first day!" Plus she was an hour late getting home from her "study date" *nods head, yeah right!* She watched Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy....so her daddy is giving her the silent treatment because she wasn't home on time to help with the grinding of corn for feed. That I think is the worst thing....come on...the silent treatment is beyond cruel!

And to make matters even worse....I have no wine, no tequila, no vodka, no rum....where the hell did it all go? I just didn't replace it when it was emptied......more grrrrrs! One small little unwindy drink, one just one, oh that would be sooo good!

So the next best thing! An old-fashioned midwestern comfort food supper.....oh yeah! Fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, gravy, fresh sweet corn on the cob, and the best of the best.....straight from the garden nice juicy red tomatoes, and corn bread.....hmmm nothing better! Really bad on the waistline and the arteries, but oh so yummy going down.

Now how far away is Friday?


Fiona said...

You know I was reading about your daughter's woes and isn't it wonderful to be at that stage of life where lunchbuddies and seating charts are what cause you the most chagrin....aaaah for those days.

I hear you about vacations Sunny, the pre and post office days almost make you want to drop the whole idea. Despite all the filters there is always an inundation of email when we get back - which is why I almost always take my notebook on holiday with me!

Damn woman your dinner sounds amazing - as I face yet another meal of leaves for lunch (way overdue on kicking a few pounds here!!). But oh the comfort of mashed potatoes with gravy, the creaminess of sweetcorn, the wholesome goodness of a tomato. And as for pork chops, fried no less!!, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I do love my meat.

May your Wednesday bring you a lighter load - mine hasn't, I've actually lost all desk surface and I hate it when my work ends up in a heap. Actually today it's heap upon heap upon heap.

So what are you doing here posting I hear everyone say *L*.....toddles off to attack the next heap.

Indigo said...

friday's cummin darlin, just hang in there awhile longer

*sends a case of vodka*

plano said...

Damn shame, no rum. I've had a drink in your honor, hopefully my buzz has reached you.

Sunny Delight said...

got a margarita buzz tonight..went to the liquor store to restock :)