Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday's List of Sunbits

Something struck me when I was writing a blog post that included Tim Horton's coffee, and the donuts they call Timbits.....sometimes the strangest associations develop in our minds.

Anyway...It made me think of all the times I come across some small piece of information that I find interesting, or a quote that really has no need for an entire post, or a question I have....these little 'bits' of information that I want to share.........soooooooooooo today is Sunday's List of Sunbits.....will I continue this each Sunday, with a compilation of all the things that have fluttered through my feeble brain? Dunno...but I might :D (that is a very big smile by the way)

My Sunbits for the week of 8-14 to 8-20

Nutrition----eat mushrooms, lots of them, pile them on that lunch time salad, they are very high in antioxidants, more even than carrots...especially portobellas and button...see there is a reason they are so tasty.
Bing cherries are an anti-inflamatory and antioxident...see need to eat those fruits and veggies.

Pain---do you know why we immediately grab our toe when we stub it, or rub our funny bone when we hit iton something? Applying the pressure changes the pain, creates a stimulus that diminishes the feeling of discomfort, because our brains can only receive so many messages before it filters some out

Lidrock--- have you ever seen or gotten one of these? A very cool idea I think, but sadly I have never come across one here in the midwest
The backbone for LidRock� is one particularly cool piece of technology that morphs something ordinary -- a fountain drink lid -- into something extraordinary -- a way to bring the latest music, video, and games directly to people who want it. The drink lid actually functions as a case for a mini CD or DVD disc.

This patented* and FDA-approved packaging is as innovative and powerful as the entertainment it delivers. The specialized lids can bring mini discs, featuring music, movies or games, anywhere fountain beverages are sold, including restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums, convenience stores, theme parks, and concerts. The list is virtually endless! In North America alone, more than 20 billion beverages were served last year. For the math fans out there, that's 634 beverages served every second of every day all 365 days of the year.

*Acquired 19 U.S. patents granting LidRock exclusive worldwide rights to in-lid merchandising on top of fountain beverages.

Proxy Servers--wtf??????? I am having trouble with Napster and Internet Explorer...I am on dial-up, I use mozilla firefox....and for months now neither Napster or IE will work, I keep getting an error message about a proxy server, and needing to disable it, or disabling a firewall *did that several times* Grrrrr!

What I am Reading---
(yes I have several at once going again)
Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America
by Barbara Ehrenreich

About the Book

Millions of Americans work for poverty-level wages, and one day Barbara Ehrenreich decided to join them. She was inspired in part by the rhetoric surrounding welfare reform, which promised that any job equals a better life. But how can anyone survive, let alone prosper, on $6 to $7 an hour? To find out, Ehrenreich moved from Florida to Maine to Minnesota, taking the cheapest lodgings available and accepting work as a waitress, hotel maid, house cleaner, nursing-home aide, and Wal-Mart salesperson. She soon discovered that even the "lowliest" occupations require exhausting mental and physical efforts. And one job is not enough; you need at least two if you intend to live indoors.

Nickel and Dimed reveals low-wage America in all its tenacity, anxiety, and surprising generosity -- a land of Big Boxes, fast food, and a thousand desperate strategies for survival. Instantly acclaimed for its insight, humor, and passion, this book is changing the way America perceives its working poor.

What I have learned so far.....housing, housing, housing takes up most of our money, yet the least amount is being done about this ever rising cost. This is a very interesting read.

Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral, by Kris Radish

About the Book

For Katherine Givens and the four women about to become her best friends, the adventure begins with a UPS package. Inside is a pair of red sneakers filled with ashes and a note that will forever change their lives. Katherine’s oldest and dearest friend, the irrepressible Annie Freeman, left one final request–a traveling funeral–and she wants the most important women in her life as “pallbearers.”

From Sonoma to Manhattan, Katherine, Laura, Rebecca, Jill, and Marie will carry Annie’s ashes to the special places in her life. At every stop there’s a surprise encounter and a small miracle waiting, and as they whoop it up across the country, attracting interest wherever they go, they share their deepest secrets–tales of broken hearts and second chances, missed opportunities and new beginnings. And as they grieve over what they’ve lost, they discover how much is still possible if only they can unravel the secret Annie left them....

This writer is amazing, she is truly a woman writing for woman, allowing us to see, really see our possibilities, this is the third book of hers I have read, and each brought me a new way of looking at and appreciating the women in my life. And this funeral...oh it is perfect...the best kind to have!

Practical Demonkeeping, By Christopher Moore

About the book

We meet one of the most memorably mismatched pairs in the annals of literature. The good-looking one is one-hundred-year-old ex-seminarian and "roads" scholar Travis O'Hearn. The green one is Catch, a demon with a nasty habit of eating most of the people he meets. Behind the fake Tudor fa├žade of Pine Cove, California, Catch sees a four-star buffet. Travis, on the other hand, thinks he sees a way of ridding himself of his toothy traveling companion. The winos, neo-pagans, and deadbeat Lotharios of Pine Cove, meanwhile, have other ideas. And none of them is quite prepared when all hell breaks loose.

I have chuckled out loud several times while reading. There are several interesting characters, not just the two described above. When I am reading this kids are fighting over it right now...and I haven't finished it yet :-(

Xdell's post on the Marilyn Monroe Conspiracy, I think he started posting it August 3rd. I am not sure why I find this one so intriquing, maybe because she is such an icon, or maybe because I have vague memories of seeing her funeral on television, or least a news item showing the ambulance/stretcher? something?....I was just turning 3 years old at the time of her death.

Xdel has to think I am a major lurker, because I have'nt posted a comment yet. And one night his blog page got left open for hours while I was away doing other things, I do need to get back and leave off a comment....*smacks hand--bad Sunny!


plano said...

Funny, I think of things other than gems of wisdom when I hear the word SunBits.

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Fiona said...

Damn woman I just don't know how you fit everything in.

And this Monday is so crazy, I expect them to be bad but today is manic. I didn't even have time to go out to grab some lunch at the usual time and by the time I did get to the deli all that was left was the very sorry looking quarter of the hind end of a scraggly roast chicken and some wilted leaves. Suffice to say I am NOT happy! *L*

Fiona said...

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Talk to Lephare perhaps he can give you some clues on what to do with that Roast Chicken...but watch it...or it will be BIGGERBUSTYGURLARULE!!!

Fiona said...

hahahhahaahha roast chicken SANS skin is on my green list...i.e. I can have that...but damnit the roast potatoes I so love to have with it are on the RED list *L*

This BUSTYGURLZRULE chick needs to cut down on the bad bad calories *L*

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Hahahahahhaah that's even me these puppies need NO further growth spurts...I'll topple over if they get any bigger!!

*considers switching to chicken of the sea*

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I'll see if I can help you out with yoru proxy server issue at the same time.

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Peaches when you say proxy server my heart just goes all aflutter :P