Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Intuition: " A feeling or voice you access all the time. It's the you that says "I want this, I don't want that. It's time to do this, or I don't know why but I have a hunch about this."

Sometimes we get a very real physcial sensation when our intuition kicks in, a tingling in our arms, hair rasing on the back of our necks, or an almost electric-like jolt zipping through our body.

These physical cues tell us we need to wake up and listen to that little voice imbodied within us all.

We all have it.... this sixth sense..... some of us are better at listening than others, or at least trusting it.

I know that I can trust mine, when I want to listen to it. When I have listened, it has never steered me wrong. But there are times when I don't, no matter how much it niggles away at me, I refuse to listen..I tell myself it can't be of the important people in my life has spent years telling me that those feeling are wrong, my perceptions of certain people or events wrong...after awhile that began to wear on me. Just too many years of someone telling me I am wrong, wrong, wrong. So with him, I constantly question, and when it comes to matters that are similar to those situations, I question to the point of extreme frustration and angst at times.

When it comes to most other parts of my life though I do trust my intuition, I trust those feelings that tell me something is not quite right, or that something is soooo right! That knowing is so wonderful....


Fiona said...

I rely on my intuition a lot. And I have it fairly well tuned.

But, like you Sunny, there are times I go against it. I do things or stay with people despite what I feel inside. That small voice that is telling pointing things out to me but I just don't want to listen.

I don't ignore the voice I just choose not to listen to it. I do still hear it.

There's nothing worse than someone telling us we are wrong...over and over and over again. After a while you doubt yourself and that's the worst thing. Especially when you later look back and see you have been right all along.

And yes, Sunny, that 'knowing' is really so wonderful.

Recently someone joined the team here who seems incapable of making the smallest decision, right down to the colour of the sofa she is going to buy - she wants someone else to tell her. And that is percolating down into her work style too. That sort of indecision escapes me...and bugs the hell out of me *L*

Sunny Delight said...

Fi--I am learning to "know" I am not wrong...and like you, sometimes I ignore and ignore...until it quiets...but eventually my intuition will start shouting at me...

First thing I thought of when you described the indecisive co-worker was....hmmm...somebody's spent time some telling her she was wrong....but that feels offbase...I have always been very decisive about the inconsequential things.--like sofa color...but when it comes to any really major change in life that even when I "know" the right decision...following that direction will create more turmoil than not following it....or would seem to...or make other's more unhappy than it would make me happy... then my intuition readies itself for battle, because I can be very stubborn...even with myself---

this sounds so schizophrenic!!! *L*